Doc Street Beast vs Lizzy Musi Grudge Match in Idaho No Prep Kings

Doc Street Beast went up against Lizzy Musi who had the legend at the Idaho no prep kings event with her , Pat Musi. Nitrous is doing a huge comeback in the no prep kings series in this third season and these two cars are just flexing those big horsepower numbers in their runs!

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  1. Doc couldn't cry today, well that's a first. Of course everyone here gets beat regularly, I can't honestly say I've ever seen Lizi win even one race.

  2. New rules with Nitrous cars allowing a reduction in weight. Doc and likes are cry babies! You need special rules so you can win. You were also the type of kids that received a participation trophy. If you cannot beat them then you need to start running what they are running or you'll never win. You Nitrous people are cry babies! Put if back on the trailer.

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