Disassembling a 50 Year Old Ford 351 Windsor

Before we started working on my block I accidentally drenched my pants and shoes so I had to change into sweats and unfortunately I didn’t have an extra pair of shoes other than my Moto boots… so there’s that haha. But we got the job done regardless. The next morning I took the Block to Cam’s to get machine work done. I also picked up my TKO 2 transmission from my friend Tim at (CAMS) Canton Automotive Machine Services.

-1986 Foxbody Mustang
-1971 351 Windsor
bored and stroked to a 410
-TKO 2 manual Transmission
-Bogart wheels @

Time Stamps
0:17 Picking up my Transmission
1:50 Disassembling the old 351
7:17 Taking the 351 to CAMS
8:48 Ripping in Razor
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Video was filmed using a
GoPro 9,DJI Pocket , iPhone.

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  1. Id tell you to send me a friend request on FB MOLLY if there was a place to message you… there famous girl!! We build Mustangs too New Edge cars but we love the fox!! Would be cool to be able to share car pictures and burnouts…. Always cool to have friends in diffrent states ya never lnow

  2. How the heck can you wear WHITE and only get a few small smudges on you??? If that would have been ME….I would have been COVERED in grease and crud the second I walked into the shop!!!!! Without even touching anything!!

  3. Ok I MUST be gettin old. Watched this video thinkin where were girls like this back in the days I was out on the garage wrenchin. But more so.. how in the hell did she disassemble a 50 year old motor in light grey sweat pants and light top and walk away that clean. I think she broke the matrix as that should not be possible

  4. 351 Windsor is a great choice im building a 351 w stroker 393 with twin 88 mm turbos with a holly sniper EFI it should ramp up to 1400 hp and will be fun . i enjoy watching your vids very cool to see a beautiful young lady that has big interests in building cars / gear head fer sure keep up the good work and be safe ps; get a cage in that car

  5. Man, that engine really takes me back. My first car, purchased in early 1973 was a 1970 Mach 1 with this exact same engine. I was actually kinda embarrassed to say my car had this engine as every young Ford hot rodder wanted the 428CJ. If not that than a 351 Cleveland. The Windsor was considered a truck engine snd it had very little aftermarket hit rod parts support unlike today. Thanks for the trip down memory lane! And yes, I am am an old fart!

  6. I will never watch this shitty channel again!!!! You know how jealous people are you close enough to Summit, Jegs and Moser to drive there. lol lol dont got nothing but bullshit speed shops near me 😥 . Gotta wait weeks for bullshit online. Great channel and good luck.

  7. Hey nothing wrong with cheap tools. All my snap-on tools and my box was stolen so im out about $40,000 with my box and my homeowners wouldn't cover it so I went and bought every ICON tool I could afford for 2000 to get going again and they are just as good if not stronger than snap-on. Especially the icon ratchets. Now I got so much im gonna be spending the 7500 on the biggest ICON tool box you can buy and snap on wants over 30 grand for the same exact one. Anyone that thinks the tools make the mechanic or engine and car builder is a single minded dope because cheap tools can do just as good as a job if you know how to buy them that is

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