Destroyed it! Street Outlaws, NPK Virginia Motorsports Park 2021

Well, that tire shake did it in. Tire shake will cause many high dollar and low end part failures as those vibrations go traveling through the entire drive line and even into the chassis of the car. It can get so violent that it breaks windows! Normally, tire shake happens on big tires or radials, but today it happened to my small tire car (28×10.5 slick) at a no prep event. Track was getting some teeth. Lets see if we can fix it and race! Street Outlaws, No Prep Kings at Virginia Motorsports Park.

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  1. Petey has a orange Camaro that he raced back in the day and he just had it painted and he for the most part put all new stuff on it !!! I wanna see that car run!!!

  2. I seen lyle on drag wars and his story had me intrigued!! I watched every video I could fi d about him and he is as real as they come in my opinion. I have never met him but would love to shake his hand !!!

  3. Man about the time a piece of hot ass metal hits your pupil you'll wish you would've taken the extra mins to find safety glasses and seconds to put em on. Jesus John.

  4. love the channel but bro you got to drop the weight man good luck man not sure if you have the same engine but love the destroked 400 probably my favorite sbc along with 421

  5. I detonated a 55-K lb Semi Truck Heavy Haul Rear, Rear End like that in 2012 that looked about like that ring gear. Only difference is I was hooked to a machine that was about 116-K lbs. The tow bill was probably 5 times what the parts cost you to rebuild it. I have to say, you guys took names and kicked some ass to get this back together and still make racing. Thankfully you had friends and everyone that helped out with tools and equipment. Thats the family atmosphere that you don't see in all sport.

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