Daddy Dave’s New Car and Setup – No Prep News Episode 56

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  1. You mentioned Daddy Dave possibly building a new car. I saw a while ago on Facebook that Daddy Dave was trying to sell his Long bed lowered truck and I I believe he also had his wife’s Red Trans am/ or Fire bird for sale. Fire sale to try and raise the money for a second car? Would we see Daddy Dave build another truck for the list, another Chevy, or something new and more streamlined?

  2. Dave didn’t buy that, that was Ryan’s new fireball setup..: he couldn’t put a bigger procharger in Goliath because it hung too far out and wouldn’t fit behind the grille, so why would he go to procharger with them having 2 vents in the grille kinda common sense they wouldn’t have dual vents in the grille that’s a new front clip as you said…. let’s think about that he had a 481x and twin 88mm turbos…. maybe a proline Hemi and twin 94’s or 98’s? More logical for a bigger bat.

  3. I think Daddy Dave will be building a new car at some point because with those 67 and earlier novas they can only do so much before running out of room . For example Daddy Dave can only run like 34 inch tires instead of 36 inch ones like most of guys because in order to get them to fit he would have to modify the quarter panels like Swamp Thing did . If you look at the Swamp Thing car just below the glass and right over the rear wheels you can see where it as been modified. On a side note was wandering if anyone knows why they cut it down to only 12 teams where as JJ originally said there would be 16 teams? And why Disco Dean and Megladon are participating. At the end of last season when they were talking about this season it showed Dean and Axe Man said Megladon was supposed to be on team VA. Just wandering what happened? Cya next SIimABCXVZ time same SimABCXYZ channel.

  4. All the heavy hitters are going Procharger, because of weight breaks. If NPKs is all about being OUTLAWS, they shouldn't be allowing weight breaks and limiting to single power adders.

  5. Always another great video! As far as street Outlaws goes (to me) it's sad the cars have gotten to the point they need sponsors to make a living. Also they will never again have "street cars", there's too much money involved.

  6. I'm sure freaking Reakin is on Ryan's team of guys, he has the Red Truck if I remember correctly. Love the channels keep up the excellent work dude 👍

  7. Ryan is the person who tunes the fireball camaro and his crew chief looks at his data from his runs too make any chassis changes for the next race. Daddy Dave is getting a whole new chassis put in his car. His cage and back half is older and it is mild steel and it brakes a lot.

  8. Alot of the npk guys are going procharged hemi. Harder to tune but close to same power. They also get a decent weight break. Its a no brainer.

  9. It seems like pro charger is the best option for no prep especially in the higher altitudes where turbos struggled to spool up I enjoy your pod casts it really helps me keep up with what's going on in the street outlaws and everyone's comments i enjoy hereing what others think about the changing of the racers set ups and opinions thanks for doing this and Happy Thanksgiving 😊

  10. I think Dave and Ryan Martin are going with the new Pat Musi engine. Daddy Dave is selling every spare part he have for the proline wich wouldn't make make sense becouse is the same parts he would need for the Procharged.combo

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