Daddy Dave vs Monza Son's Daily Driver Race at Armageddon!!

In this video we have a great daily driver race between monza’s son and daddy dave. This matchup came from the armageddon no prep race held at thunder valley in noble, oklahoma. The race was a no prep surface and draws hundreds of racers as the mecca of no prep. In this matchup we have daddy dave in his daily driver which is a twin turbo s10 that drives around the streets of oklahoma. On the other end we have monza’s son brandon who drives a nitrous camaro. The two met in the third round of the daily driver race after beating some other fast cars to set this matchup up. We also included wylie who was the flagger of the no prep race who hopped in his daily driver which is a nitrous fed s10. Everyone trying to have fun out there and it was a good time to be had. Check out the video and for more no prep action we cover follow our social medias at:


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