Daddy Dave vs Godzilla Twin Turbo Firebird!!

In this video we have daddy dave racing some monsters straight out of the swamp of no problem raceway in belle rose lousiana. Daddy dave drives goliath which is a procharged nova that is street raced a lot. Daddy Dave was coming back from a recent crash of his car in Georgia no prep event and came back kicking butt and taking names. Daddy Dave raced godzilla which is a twin turbo firebird that is driven by fabian bell. Dave not only faced off against this monster of a car but faced even more scarier racers which included ryan martin who was flying down the track all weekend. Daddy Dave also raced against the golden gorilla which is just as lethal as any other big tire car on the property. Check out the video and see which big no prep monster takes all the wins. Also, for more no prep action we cover follow our social medias at:


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  1. Piggy backing off last comment Ryan Martin is the Micheal Jordan of drag racing doesn't lose very much n if he leaves with you pretty sure you won't just drive around him besides Lizzy Musi she's a bad woman

  2. Everyone just get use to hearing the name Justin Swanstrom.He ended up 3rd in the points for the entire NPK season.It was his first Year.Cant wait till he bust all the 405 again next year.The only 405 that beat him was Ryan Martin who was 200lbs lighter than Justin Swanstrom.

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