Daddy Dave vs All at Bradenton Florida!!

In this video we have daddy dave who drives the golitah Procharged nova at the bradenton raceway no prep event. Daddy dave is returning after a horrific crash at the Georgia no prep event. Daddy dave came to the last race as his third event with the rebuilt car. It showed dave has advanced far in his progress as he showed to be an instant threat to the competition taking on some fo the fastest cars from the nola, california, and texas teams. First up is the game changer twin turbo mustang which is one fast ride! Next up is bobby ducote who has been doing really well with his nitrous assisted trans am. Dave also took on the first season champion birdman and team california’s mike bowman procharged chevelle. Check out how well faired against these hot rods and for more no prep action we cover follow our social medias at:


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  1. Please stop those intro’s, just put a title or just go into the video with out all that extra.
    I enjoy the rest of the videos!

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