Daddy Dave & Machine Gun Kelley Crash!!

In this video we have daddy dave who drives the procharged nova named goliath. He entered the big tire class at the South Georgia Motorplex event. Daddy Dave is known to be one of the 405 best drivers out there. But, the track had been treated to a no prep service. Rubber was taken off and then it rained most of the day before race day. During the event it rained again and the surface was slippery. By the time Daddy Dave drove down the track on top end seem to take zero power according some racers who went down before Daddy Dave. Daddy Dave hit the wall with the parachute deployed and slowing down. Werid sequence of events as Machine Gun Kelley had a similar accident while slowing down. The car looked like it hit a slippery patch and went into the wall. The weather wasnt on the drivers side and the surface reflected it. Some got down while most of the drivers didnt. Check out the video as the drivers were ok. Also, check out our social medias for more no prep action we cover:


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  1. Alot of racers lost my respect on Americas list for jumpin and coming back and say " i dragged his ass cuz i letf .5 a head of the light" how can u tell who is faster is u have the stupid JJ hick hustle rule chase is a race

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