Covid Ca$hdays with the 405 Street Outlaws! $8,000+ TO WIN!!!

We can’t stay cooped up any longer! Chuck and Big Marc rounded up 29 of the baddest NO CAGE, drive them 50 miles to the spot, on 28’s, daily drivers around to compete for more than $8,000! Lots of close calls, a crash, and some badass racing featuring many drivers from the OG Street Outlaws such as Murder Nova, Ryan Martin, Chuck, Daddy Dave, and Big Chief! Watch all the action here including some in between rounds talk and end of the evening thoughts with Murder Nova.

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  1. All them pretty new cars including a couple beautiful Porshe’s, and it’s the classic American muscle in the end. Wow, looks like it was a hell of a night.

  2. Love the channel and the 405. Mainly cuz im born and raised in okc(Valleybrook n 90s. If u kno wat im sayin) . Can yyall helpnme with something.. Prolly can use as tax right off for the channel.. Loll. Ill save my back story.. Jus know its true, scary, and kinda sad but im tryin to make myself better. Can yall buy me a running(or almost runnin) box van and pullable box trauler so i can make a home and bizzness. Beconing self sufficient two birds one stone.. Lol. We can record everything and yall can have ALL RIGHTS to the footage. All my folks are sayin this is dumbass stuipd idea but iv gotta try. Thank yall if yall actully read this. Keep up the amazin content love the channel and hope i can work with yall soon.

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