Cops Squash Dung Beetle Test Hit | Street Outlaws

Azn loads up his own race car called the Dung Beetle for a test hit, but the cops crash the party! | For more Street Outlaws, visit

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  1. did anyone else notice the car headlights approaching in opposite direction during test? Then the lights were stationary just out of sight on the left when they cut to Farmtruck. Also, same police officer every time anyone gets busted on this show 

  2. I highly doubt cops would have gotten there in under 10 seconds if someone called. Lol considering that this is a 10 second car, and it looks like they only drove 1/4 mile down lol.
    This show is so staged.

  3. The cop showing up right after the run is so staged. The way the sirens are used.. the way the guy warns about how the beetle is so loud and someone might call the cops.. lmao i hate reality shows 😳

  4. How is this real if they’re are multiple cameras and camera angles recording everything but the cop never even talks about all the cameras?

  5. Shits so staged I hate this crap and a beetle if you put enough money in the engine can make one hell of a race car we had one that used to run 7's in the 1/4 came down to the track all the time he ran a supped up VW engine in it as well no turbos though he supered his

  6. Fake cop car , prop car , fake radio chat and fake cop no cop car just says police on it lol they all have there jurisdiction on it and they wouldn’t approach like that lol

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