Clearing Up DRAMA About Kye Kelley. (SWAN TALK: Episode 1)

Clearing Up DRAMA About Kye Kelley. (SWAN TALK: Episode 1)

Today’s episode we go over the drama from this recent @street outlaw no prep kings Arizona Race, lots of thing had happened at the event. lots of drama and frustration, kye kelley, mike murillo, birdman got caught with there hand in the cookie jar!!!!

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  1. Justin I seen how you came up man. I'm living in PA. I got family in Verra Beach fla. I got a 71 split bumper i need help, how did you get there and what can I do to make it to where you're at bro????

  2. I guess Liz called you a democrat because you are against cheating and lying just like Trump supporters, who support cheating and lying, complaining about Democrats….haha. I guess she is also a Trump loving snowflake as well. Therefore, we should all say "bless her little ole heart" cause she ain't right in the head….or heart

  3. Good podcast, if the tv was mounted in the middle corner facing the camera instead of the left wall it would look so cool.

  4. Your straight trash keep burning bridges your just pissed because he drug your ass you got points at the event in Florida when you tested illegally just like Murillo and birdman it cost them the whole event 30 hours from home you cheated in your home state and got to keep the points

  5. 100k on the line you did the right thing by protesting. If you would have lost the championship to Kye by 5 points you would have regretted not doing it. Kye said himself he lost last year by 5 points. Don't you think if he could have caught Ryan for a 5 point protest he wouldn't have? You should have took the callout instead of letting Scott have it. Then instead of the Bruders you could have beat a teammate that basically gave away a race to Scott. Great podcast but you got to get a battery for the smoke detector lol

  6. I donโ€™t know how you stand to be within 10 feet of chuck,I donโ€™t even personally know the guy and I canโ€™t stand all 4 feet of him,if he was anywhere as good as he thinks he Is he would be the number one guy but all he is good for is cheer leading ,and to touch on the mime and bird man deal if they have all the facts or letโ€™s say they have heard both sides story if they havenโ€™t sought you out and apologized to you then both of them are pieces of shit,give em hell Justin

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