Candid NPK Interview

James sits down with National No Prep Association Founder and Friend Mike Oc to discuss the in’s and out’s of NPK, why he’s returning and what it takes to win.

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  1. How can anyone not have respect and a general appreciation for Reaper after seeing this.. also he's complete correct in talking about how its becoming a money game and the reason why people fell in love with street outlaws and npk was because it was the same thing many people or their neighbors do … nobody compares to reaper and his crew who build their own shit.. they don't send their cars off for months and months to get updated and I never knew that he was using a standard big block chevy powerplant. I figured he had some $70k billet power plant that looks more like a piece of jewelry than they do a engine.. the majority of people don't want the professional drag racing bullshit or we would go watch a NHRA event

  2. Can’t wait to watch James kick ass! So inspiring! From prison, to starting over with nothing, to losing those two cars. The fact that nothing broke him and he continues to never give in is something else! Can’t wait to see a NPK win.

  3. I feel like your in such a good place as far as your headspace and where your head is at to race. Man I can't wait to see you back in the seat man.

  4. You are freaking delusional if you think you are even gonna take a homemade car with a pro charged, cast iron big block Chevy, with hardly no testing and be competitive in no prep kings. Just saying, if that combo was as good as you say someone would already have it and be dominating with it.

  5. Hey James,
    Best of luck & would love to see you to do really well.
    Regarding your thoughts on MONEY & Drag Racing…..
    Bro, at the end of the day, it’s ALWAYS been the Guys with the deepest pockets that are successful, with the rest of us looking on, with our noses pressed up against the window.
    Everything costs: Crew, Facilities & Parts/Repairs/Fuel/Entry Fees etc.
    I wish there was a way it wasn’t like that, but can’t see anything changing anytime soon.
    Still, Kia Kaha,
    Grant from NZ.

  6. Funny so many bad mouth James BUT yet he is so ordinary he is exciting to watch! It's about money and they are all pro mods now! Get back to run what ya brung and as far as I am concerned put manufactured production line engines back in the cars with production line manufactured frames!. Not special custom built blocks. As exciting as NPK is to watch ALL NPK events are on a maintained surface! The STREETS in this country are no longer maintained anywhere you go! Tracks are maintained no matter how unprepped they are!

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