Canada's WORST No-Prep WRECK!! | "OSO NO-PREP" Round 5 | Oct 10th 2021

This is event # 5 on the Ontario Street Outlaws no-prep schedule, and it was crazy… We had a lot of photo finishes throughout the evening, but then disaster struck.
The worst crash we’ve ever seen at a Canadian no-prep event. Luckily the track staff and emergency services were on the ball and had things under control. The driver Jason was in good hands and we wish him a speedy recovery!

– Help Jason McCart with his recovery, GoFundMe link:
Any donations will be appreciated.

Please enjoy the rest of the event, with some great action from the
-Big Tire
-Small Tire
-True Street
and Bike classes!
We also had a visit from our big tire friend Brian G, who might have the fastest big tire no-prep car in the country!

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The next no-prep race will be: Aug 21st @ TMP Cayuga, 4pm.

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  1. 440 n/a Dodge….against all that power adder shit, props right there to that "leavin' mofo", cool.
    68 Roadrunner owner here for 38 years in the UK, regards. Great vid

  2. Another good video Ben……good grieffffffff that big tire Nova came to kill……get well soon brother in the Foxbody……..Ben watched your live stream last week, but sorry to say I hung in there a good long time but finally had to cut it, the feed issues were horrendous. Enjoyed that you tried the live feed, maybe you can work out the poor reception.

  3. Great video, just sad to see a beautiful car get wrecked and hearing the owner did get hurt as well. Hopefully he will make a full recovery and once again be behind the wheel of a race car!

  4. Great video! That Coronet had me rooting for it, all motor 440! Old school Mopar power & torque. Also very respectfully coverage of the accident, to many people rush to get the footage without thinking of the driver/team & family. I hope he has a speedy recovery & the car is rebuild. All this in Ontario 🇨🇦 🤘

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