BUILDING NEW CAR! Sitting Down With Chassis Shop To Reveal NEW CAR!! (HUGE NEWS)

BUILDING NEW CAR! Sitting Down With Chassis Shop To Reveal NEW CAR!! (HUGE NEWS)


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Justin Swanstrom
4922 Gall Blvd Zephyrhills Florida 33542

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  1. Please Justin don't use the damn Mensers go with the Santhuff or hell I would run the QA1 over the Menscer's if you don't do this you will be kicking the tires mark my word! Now if you were running RVW the Menscer's would be my number one pick but I would not run them for anything else! Don't be sucker in by the hype!

  2. Justin I think you will do just as good and most likely better next year in the NPK Series and man I would keep running the Lexus honestly since you know the car pretty well inside and out now… I believe after this year several of the teams will do a lot better next year also and as long as they don't start requiring everybody to race on the streets every so often because I've had a funny feeling about that for close to a year now and hopefully that kind of rule never happens because that should be solely up to anyone that really wants to do it and not forced on anyone to do it…. I would imagine this year you guys are going to give each other pure hell during the build of your new car but hopefully it doesn't start until after monza's car is finished and gone because that dude is some kind of serious about everything and I imagine he's going to help bring some good business to Cameron so hopefully that'll happen also

  3. I don't know about anyone else but, I liked the green rendering over the silver one. Green is the color of all the money you will be getting when you put Child Support in the winners circle for all of the SwanGang Fans. #HellYeah

  4. Watched like 30 seconds and realized this was an hour of low audio talking. hope this type of content doesn't come back again now that the season is over😒 I definitely didn't miss these videos

  5. Build what you want and cut out the bad comments. You like what you like, and all the responses are opinions, treat them as such! Good luck with the new build justin! Y'all have a good one family! Swan gang is right at the top! Next year is a new season, and new wins! I'll wait for the next video!

  6. Graduated high school in '73 and bought a "67 Mustang GTA with a Dealer installed 427 medium Riser and car was fast!! and it's still fast as I still own it ! LOL I ran 10.45 @ 136mph a month agp with it

  7. In my eyes and heart your number one out of everyone u know u had a new car this season and yet finished third come on there's no one else that could do what u did this season and your only going to get better and faster number one next season I see it now

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