BUILDING a 1000+hp ls for my TWIN TURBO MUSTANG!!! Hank Turbo mustang Build pt 3


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  1. I always run Steele rockers from t&d I know there expensive but I don’t want needle bearings coming apart and going thru my block I also run the strange coil overs that Kinetic engineering does and Johnson lifters everything else honestly looks good except the stock block but back in the day I’ve made good power with them.

  2. So you did break the hydraulic roller record in the Blacksheep why did you not say something John? You should have John Bewley update the hydraulic roller nation group showing you as the record holder John!

  3. Start flow charts on a wall for each Build. Driver, Racing class, parts needed etc. How many are going to be cars raced by your shop? I've lost count! Hope everyone in your shop can go racing next year.

  4. Quit selling engine parts you know you're going to need. ANDDDddddd, who the f is driving my Caprice? I don't see it parked in the garage…..

  5. Well guys, we tore the heads off and it's too clean and sus that we decided to order a Black Sheep short block from TKM. Sorry about the budget build…next time. 🤣🤣

  6. If you could do a video inspecting the subframe and where the trans and motor meet on Eddie Murphy for us LS Fox guys that would be sweet. I’m sure I speak for many when I say I have learned a lot by watching these vids.

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