Bowser gets Runner-Up at Duck X PRI Magic 8 X275 and sets NEW PERSONAL BEST (EXCLUSIVE INTERVIEW)

Bowser goes on a consistent low 4.20 rail and gets runner up duck x pri magic 8 in x275! Also we hit a outstanding personal best of .999 4.21 at 165 in the little toy car! Donald Long breaks down how he feels about No Prep Kings lol


  1. Awesome job again making it into the finals. Congrats on the new PB also. Must have been enjoyable racing, the track prep looked great.

  2. Seeing bowser take a L is like watching larry bird miss a free throw. 😳… so bowser is human, lol. A nice tree got cut on yall, but they had a runner too, great finals. Geez win, lose or draw bowser is something else. Blink of a eye 60ft. Wow.

  3. Are you guys going to Radial Fest and you should've went to your boy John Doc's race he just held at Thunder Valley Red Springs and the payout was for $20k to the winner

  4. You and Ron Rhoades should go head to head in a grudge race for the fastest and quickest SB NOS and SB X275 trim because if you are second for either one of those it'll be him that has the record but I believe you do have the fastest LS NOS in X275 trim but I think Ron has the same SB as the Reese Brothers but Ron's is nitrous and Reese Brothers are turbo and I know the Reese Brothers have a 4.6 bore space SBC and they run Pro275 but I'm not too sure on Ron's setup I think at one time he was running an OG SBC

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