BoostedGT Crashes at Summit Motorsports Park No Prep Kings

Boostedgt is one of several racers who had trouble getting down the track at the ohio no prep kings event. Some nitrous cars had their tune ups off and some other racers had trouble getting down straight like Amarillo mike and reaper. There was no mistaken that the track surface was definitely tricky. For more no prep racing coverage we film follow our social medias at:


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  1. Sorry to see boosted crashed
    And always a good day to see that punk chuck get beat .
    It would of even been a better day to see Boosted kick chucks ass again .

  2. No prep???????????????
    These races are fake like everything else in the united States now days .
    Fake News The Kardashians The Russians
    No prep .street outlaws and their permed roads
    Its all fake media shows news and etc

  3. What we just witnessed happen to Boosted GT had nothing to do with a "tricky" track but more to do with the Unloading of force on the back end of the car . He let off pretty hard and in doing so unloaded the weight on the rear the car got light he then did the dreaded rack & pinion over steer to correct and well the end result is the end result we have seen the same thing happen countless time's to guys who just NEED to learn a light touch . Over correcting creates the wall slap …

  4. Boosted really just needs to give it up. His car is always broke. And that crash could have been avoided, you donโ€™t start kicking sideways and continuously smash on the brakes. I thought you could drive?

  5. Nothing tricky about it, you can see his taillight go on b4 he lost control. You don't hit the brakes at that speed that's why they use parachutes.

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