Boo Bash 2021 Almost Ends Badly, I COULD HAVE CRASHED!


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  1. JR your doing just what you need to do is kept work and building your live up work on your Hot Rod and kept by your Family ! yes i can say it for my wife walk out on me and my kids my daughter was 4.5yrs and my son was 2yrs it was hard but i make it and you can to God Bless you and Your family

  2. I dont know why they would put one of those plastic petcocks in a aftermarket aluminum radiator. When I got mine…it had a brass one. Your dad probably already has said it…drill it out and tap it for a brass petcock.

  3. Yeah, that all worked out for everyone's Safety, As Tommy put it: "Random"… The Lord's good random! Allison & Tommy's videography is your Best video to date, IMHO! Y'all got a different lens or something? Everything's sharper & closeup, it's All faster in our face! πŸŽ₯ πŸ˜— πŸš€

  4. Bro ive had that same petcock problem like 3 times and left me stranded. Ive finally gotten a new replacement 4.3 rad and the new drain design is so much better.

  5. β€˜Thank God’ is exactly what Billy professed and could not have been more appropriate!
    You and your program were converging that day. Your trophy was the discovery and maturity coming to the forefront.
    Great capture Tommy. Imagine if you had been deflected by involvement with the Falcon.
    Psalm 91 was with you today.
    Thanks for a great video and a happy ending!

  6. Sucks to not be able to run that final but the fact ya'll caught that leak before the race is definitely a god send. Who knows what could have happened if that leaked out during the race. Regardless, Awesome job Billy and don't worry you'll get em on the next one. #SRC

  7. Man you guys are killing the coverage from the starting line cam (Allison) to the finish line cam (Tommy) it's flawless..πŸ”₯πŸ”₯πŸ”₯πŸ‘πŸ‘ I wish I could see every race in person but it's not possible, but thanks to you guys and the whole crew I get to watch this beautiful view😁❀️❀️❀️

  8. All they do is teach you what gender you are!!! Haha πŸ˜‚ I’m dead!! have y’all heard Superman is gay now πŸ€¦β€β™‚οΈ

  9. All things happen for a reason. Thank the Lord it wasn't on a pass.πŸ™ I love the camera shot of the rear suspension. I hope you keep those in your videos. Congrats and best of luck next weekend.

  10. You can tell Billy is not himself, but time heals all wounds and obviously God has bigger plans for him.. I remember being younger going through breakups I remember that feeling but I wouldn't trade my current life for one that I thought I could have had.

  11. I really love seeing that truck hook and fly and i really like seeing the view of under the truck when it takes off y'all are so awesome keep up the good work and great content.

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