Birdman vs The Viking (New Swedish No Prep Racer)!!!

In this video we covered the battle of the alamo no prep event held at the alamo city motorplex held in Marion, Texas. The video starts off with a new swedish no prep racer who is no stranger to drag racing. The Viking driver has done pro mod racing and other types of drag racing but wanted to try his hand on no prep. He drives a brand new car which is a spirit of america orginial nova which is extremely rare with a blown 500+ ci big block chevy motor. For being on a sketchy surface the swedish racer had no problems driving through the conditions during testing. Then during first round of the big tire shootout, the driver draws birdman who is a champion in his own right. Tough draw out of the gate but check out the video to see how well he did for racing on no prep for the first time.
Zombie Rock by Audionautix is licensed under a Creative Commons Attribution 4.0 license.


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  1. Welcome to No Prep..Nova looks like a Beast And..,We already now the Monster Mr.Fenney is..Awesome race!!👏👏👏….I do gotta say it feels strange Birdman not driving the Firebird

  2. There's a lot of no prep kings that couldn't hang with birdman that close! They did great for first time out, love the name of the car also. Can call it the berserker once it starts taking people out!

  3. I really don't see how people can say good race, close or whatever. I guess I should know after all these yrs everyone has their own opinion on what a gap is.

  4. Nice car but Birdman on his first noprep race was pretty hard to think ot was gonna go any other way…..Birdman is know worldwide in this sport…..

  5. I bought this car off a chevy dealer used car lot in 1985 for my brother . He drove it for a while on the street then turned it in to a race car ten years later. I'ts good to see it's still racing and looks the same. Good luck with it!!!!

  6. How do these guys all do awesome full-rpm burnouts without bouncing off rev limiter??? Are they modulating the gas pedal manually, or is it a computer assist of some sort??

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