Big Money Changes to Street Outlaws – No Prep News Episode 50

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  1. hey man i love watching you channel….. but you gotta chill on tryin to acquire a commentating career with discovery or whatever you going for. i enjoy watching you and not the other shit. just be you and stay real. i mean no disrespect but lets talk cars and forget the rest of it. i wish you the best but you seem a lil too thirsty… just my opinion.. but what do i know??

  2. Another great video. I don't think they are milking it. I think they are tring to get as much as they can filmed cause depending on the outcome of the election Nov. 3 as bad as some of us will hate it we all might be on lock down again. Cya next time future Street Outlaws host/announcer

  3. Smokin US 30 dragway , where the great ones run run run , WLS AM radio , back in the day. They would do it with the same enthusiasm you do your videos.

  4. Great video Sim

    Congrats on 50!!!!! Silver anniversary bud✌️✌️✌️

    the cars are not too fast the problem is that they got so far away from the regular everyday guy race car!!! If you run a race Sim I propose you do it between 11 and 14 second cars that will be your biggest turnout and you won't believe how many people have cars that run between let's say 10:50 and 14?!!!!!

    These guys spend lots of money on a lot of bolt on stuff so you want to support the hobby let's get some regular average cars back on the scene!!!!!

    When I hear when you throw those numbers around 140,000-,250,000 it's crazy!!!!

    I built my car in my garage laying on my back getting bloody dirty and sweaty and I only go 11.90 to 12 but my car is just as important to me as they're bought cars are to them!!!! And I didn't have to get a mortgage to buy it!!!!


  5. Good morning, man I love your show and praying you do great things in the years to come. In response to are the SO getting too fast, I have been following racing since I was kid even used to street race and in my opinion I feel as if they are. These NP cars are about to hit NHRA and Promod status. What is a Promod? It’s a professionally modified car and the only thing that keeps these NP cars from “PROMOD” is the steel roof and quarters. These cars are running Promod chassises. They are running engines that are so far out of reach for the normal guy to buy. I personally think they need to go back to the roots. No Prep was originally put together to mimic street racing conditions but now they are just shy of NHRA cars. Take it back to street cars!!!!! Just my $.02. Keep you the good shows.

  6. Do t get me wrong I enjoy your show. But here is a tip try to show video clips or pictures of the subject rather than you handsome mug all the time. It can be a little to much to see you enthusiasm all the time.
    This can help your show evolve over time.

  7. I think you should reach out to Justin Swanstum. I have asked him to reach out to you, but he is to busy to aknolage my comments…. I think you should reach out to Reaper, he is an open book. He and Justin will explain, how expensive it is.
    Keep up the good work, alsways enjoy your content.

  8. Hello Sim what I understand is with all the big engine builders like Pat musi and Morgan & Sons I believe you can least the motors so you lease it and it's a lot cheaper you blow it up and give give it back they give you another one and you blow that one up and it goes on and on and on and your wallet gets thinner and thinner🤣

  9. Street outlaws should show all behind the scenes and the camera crew in the show. That's some of the best parts, I think. Like always Awesome show and we need some hats sim….

  10. I had a conversation with one of the drivers of the street outlaws and he was telling us that pretty much the only ones making money off of the series was the 405. Yes I agree with everyone else Sim you are doing great and just keep doing you buddy.

  11. Hey Sam another great show I think it goes back to what Junior Johnson said one time he said if your moonshiner or race car driver said you can never go fast enough


  13. There was a show on Discovery called "Red Devil Racers" that showed a grittier, less expensive side of things. The featured crew shared parts and raced their daily drivers.

    It was cool to see something different from what we're used to.

  14. You were talking about Jeff Lutz how you said he already has that car a 3.88 you got to think about something he has been doing this for a long time he knows how 2 tune enjoy your videos keep doing you like I always tell you haters are going to hate

  15. Been watching for awhile now, but this is my first time commenting. Just wanted to say i love how much positivity and energy you bring to rhe table. Keep making great content like you do, you have big things ahead of you, i can see it! Keep working towards ur dream one day at a tike time, and one day you will wake up and you will be hosting NPK! Dont forget to enjoy the journey to ur dreams!

  16. I was wondering how the 405 show is gonna be now everything has been filmed in Nebraska. Big part of the show was always filming the guys in their shops and many fans have liked especially that. Now it seems it will be „only“ racing since they haven’t been filming in OKC. Can’t wait to see what they are doing with the material they shot. Keep doing what you do Sim, love the channel!

  17. You also have to remember you’re not just up keeping your race car you also have a trailer and a tow rig all the fuel the tools it’s definitely a rich man’s sport love your videos Sam keep up the good work hopefully one day we get you a paycheck from discovery

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