Big Chiefs New Car For No Prep Kings – No Prep News Episode 60

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  1. What I'm about to say has nothing to do with the topic if this video but I can't help but notice that MSO is plainly looking like the the fastest street cars in country as a whole yeah we all know Ryan Martin is arguably the fastest in the country but when you compare MSO as a whole I think the showing at mega cash days to this point on the show that really can we call the 405 fastest street cars in country I hate it but how could you say they are MSO fastest streetcars in country.

  2. Right brands are irrelevant. Ci is ci more capability of possible achievable power along with engine RPM ofc. Thats the facts of it when the said engine combo is efficient.

  3. Take the advise about chillin out I spend more time turning the volume up and down on your channel that I just quit and unsubscribed

  4. Dude why are you telling no need to yell your by yourself and we hear you dam…oh and by the way its assuming not assuming chill out you're going to end up with a brain aneurysm

  5. I was in Chiefs shop yesterday and that car is nearly done. Oh, BTW he also has Bigfoot in a cage in there too. Plus the head of the Loc Ness monster mounted on his wall. 😉👍

  6. Yet another great video Sim.
    I’m headed to town tomorrow. I’ll get you a good Decaf coffee.
    Man you can talk fast!

    Or we need to have an intervention & get you off the Speed……..😜..just joking with you

  7. The car is being built for a guy up in PA. A "smokey & the bandit" remake with a 540 & twin 88's . I believe there is a link to the build somewhere in the comments.

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