Big Chief’s Announcement, Biggest Thing to Happen to Street Outlaws – Street Race Talk Episode 310

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  1. I think it was Monza’s latest video he said the first week of Jan they’re going to start filming. Also Justin said in his last video he is getting the car ready for America’s List

  2. ummm, maybe, All Top20 drivers will have to wear GPS ankle locators , and be fitted with a shock-collar.. No more golfcart chase scenes. lol

  3. Monza released a video the day before Thanksgiving and he said they were starting to film or they were leaving to film Monday so I would assume they have a location if they are starting to film in only a couple days away. I think Big Chief mentioned what day they need to be on location to on the Street Racing Channel video that just came that Billy did with him and Jackie. That video was released about the same time you released this video.

  4. Lord 🤣🤣🙏 annoying ASF 🤣😂😂 🤣😂 man who can listen 👂👂 to some one like this 🤡🤡🤡🤧🙃🤭🤭🙄😳😐😐🤫🤫🤫

  5. Shawn in his latest video of him showing his newly updated OG Murder Nova said they had just finished filming a new 405 season and now were prepping for AMericas lIst after Thanksgiving. I think its all just disinformation so that way no one really knows the plans till they happen so that way its a secret.

  6. Justin…Just remove Rocky lll, install Sim in the bay under the hood in a tumble cage, hang PC of cheese with a sign on it saying "The Biggest Thing Ever!" Right in front of his nose, plumb in some METHanol, add 20 percent nitro percentage into his hind end, and it would certainly get you there fast…LMAO, you 405 boys have this 1 so damned excited and wound up, he is not even recognizing that Jackie's repeated posts are really just reeking of saying "whoa dude, slow down there boy!" WITHOUT ACTUALLY SAYING IT OUTLOUD, as only Justin & Jackie can.

  7. It's going to be a MILLION DOLLAR race….I talked to Justin @ PRI 2019 and he was bummed he got beat to holding the $100,000 street race; Grand Hustle just did the Quarter Million Dollar Come-up….he told me his dream was to have a Million Dollar Street Race…that's my prediction my ninja!

  8. Ya sim your slipping everyone knows they postponed it till the week after thanksgiving so unless it postponed again everyone leaving on Monday for race

  9. As always!;you are the go to guy with the latest news and info when it comes to Street Outlaw's and the behind the camera news and info of Street Outlaw's.Thank you young man.

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