Big Baller Coupe Crash (Street Outlaws) – OKC No Prep

Full length event DVD now available at . The DFW Big Baller Coupe from Street Outlaws was involved in this extremely scary roll over crash from the OKC No Prep Race at Thunder Valley Raceway Park. The throttle hung up at the finish line sending the car out of control and into the wall. Driver was OK due to a well built car.


  1. was that boosted gt driving?is it his car?or is someone who looks like boosted gt.sorry I don't know his name.whoever it was glad they were alright.

  2. This is one of my best friends…we have his new car ready to go …throttle hung wide open …check.him out on Facebook..Bballer coupe

  3. "Driver was OK due to a well built car." except for the throttle linkage, of course, which just cost him a fuckton of money…yeah well built tho…might wanna change that to "driver was ok, due to a well built roll cage"

  4. That sucks… if It was 1/8 mile, then the White car Won.
    If it was 1/4 Mile, he crossed center, lost the Race AND his ride.

  5. there's pros and cons to the track. pro, its legal no worries from the law con he would've been in a field instead of roiling

  6. That really puts it into perspective how fast these cars go in a short distance. Quality work on the cage!!!!!!!!!!

  7. You are not outlaws, you are not rebels, you are not badass. You are just a bunch of morons who put a bunch of money into crap cars.

  8. Well built car?  Yup.  All the well built drag mustangs are running 8.8's with 4 lug axles still.  That car must make tons of power.

  9. I wonder if thats why every body always says "only dumbass's with a death wish do no prep racing?" (on the street or off the street….there is a good reason for all that fancy stuff they do at the starting line?)

  10. Looks like the car on the left got lucky, he popped his motor from the look of it, the giant flaming particles coming out of his exhaust gave it away lol

  11. Maybe Big Baller need's to have somebody who really know's how to set up the front end so stupid bullshit like that don't happen . Never mind the fact … The driving skill's flat out suck . Hey .how many of you noticed the 4 Lug wheel's front & back on that Big Baller train wreck ?

  12. Great work on the car clearly to withstand a crash like that. I have a chromoly cage in my 9 second nitrous car and I know it would survive if I wreck. Good job fellas

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