Behind the Scenes – The KTR Crew Series – Outback Jack Barbee

Take a Peek Behind the Scenes and meet the KTR crew in this revealing and entertaining new Series. Stevie Fast Jackson introduces you to the people that keep him moving up and down the highway as well as the Racetrack. In this first episode, meet “Outback”Jack Barbee and learn how he came to work for Stevie Fast and his role on the KTR team.


  1. Awesome Idea!! The crew is the heart of a team. Thanks for sharing! Loving the video's lately. I know there a pain and take a bunch of time. Teach Jack how to edit…. LOL I just hope everyone realizes when race season starts they will slow down. I literally get excited when I see a new one drop. Top notch bunch of guys! I tell everyone you are the new generation of John Force. You are truly a character! Win loose or draw you speak them all!

  2. You can not not tell us about Stevie fast Jackson gettin locked up for reckless driving! Don’t worry your mom won’t find out she doesn’t watch! 😂

  3. Stevie we need a video on Drew and Billy now …Oh yeah and let Phil know he needs to become more camera friendly.Lol…You guys are the best team in all of racing hands down.

  4. This is a great idea. Phil may want to hide, but the rest of the crew can get their public pat on the back.
    Jack's first day must have made him question his life decisions… Lol

  5. I am a fabrication and motor builder, been doing race chassie and motors for more than 30yrs. If you ever need a nether crew member I am available.
    Big Jim

  6. Nice to meet you Jack. We sound just about identical, as far as what we can do. It would be a dream come true for I, to work for KTR💪💪💪💪 I'm just a dab jealous🤣🤣🤣

  7. You're an entertaining guy! Make more videos, use the YouTube money to build a Fastest in America car and show them how it's done. Classy move introducing the crew, I bet they love coming to work.

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