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  1. Awesome event, that looks like a great time – and great coverage too of course!

    Here's to hoping there wasn't too much bitching & moaning & rules complaining from all the RWD people whining about the AWDs. SO many times when AWD wins in traction limited drag racing, everyone cries about how "unfair" it is – even though in probably legit around 95% of these big street/no prep races that have AWD competitors, they don't win. Rarely do they go more than a few rounds, RARELY do they absolutely mop up like this. I mean, you'll see these multi-$100k Nissan GT-Rs whooping ass, but that's because they're built ass GT-Rs, not "just cuz AWD". But, outside of those balls to the wall GT-Rs, most other AWDs rarely win. So don't complain when they do, you wouldn't want to be singled out for just bringing a BETTER legal race car to a race, it isn't your fault that everyone else is slower.
    BTW, it gets even more pathetic when a 6000+lb 4WD diesel truck wins, then the old head muscle car dudes REALLY lose their shit – even though it almost NEVER happens(I think I've seen MAYBE 2 no prep events where a 4WD diesel race truck won small tire[and caused a shit storm]; 1 for sure, MAYBE 2, over the last like 5 years).

    If AWD was truly an indisputable advantage, you'd see a HELL of a lot more people running AWD – yet, on a surface that will take any real power, AWD(short of a $300k+ built GT-R) typically get their asses kicked, even in the short times(against RWD cars that have talented tuners at the keyboard anyway, any chump can take a hot car out and blow the tires off every pass). But, in spite of how often you'll hear complaints about AWDs in small tire, these guys still won't switch to an AWD combo "for some reason", even though it's supposedly such an unfair advantage… Maybe only if you race at this track LOL

    Also, those Model S Plaids(and future Teslas; especially if the 2nd gen Roadster ever comes out) are going to be absolutely fucking up daily driver street/no prep for a long time. 5000lbs, giant wheels with rubber band street tires – yet 9.2x showroom floor bone stock. AND they put down that power for real(the 5000lbs part helps with the traction I presume lol). Frankly, I wonder how long it's going to be before we have to separate electric & ICE, because these Teslas are just scratching the surface, electric cars 10 years from now are going to be STUPID, and as we saw here they'll put their power down better than any tuner can with a conventional car.
    Ya'll better get comfortable with electric cars REAL quick, because they're going to be on a completely different level from internal combustion cars. Whether anyone likes it or not(are you a real racer that cares about performance/going fast? Or just weekend lawn chair car show people that get big cams just for the sound… Jus sayin).

    Was pretty cool seeing the Syclone & AWD Honduh match up, was hoping we were going to see them race – two absolutely bitchin cars! It sure as hell isn't often when a V8 is nowhere to be found in the finals…

  2. I'll never understand why people are so cheap that they won't go buy a real cowl induction hood and they keep their heavy stock steel one cut a hole in it then stick some stupid half assed scoop on top.. Never.

  3. You guys have some great videos, My little boy and I love watching them together, Sometimes it’s hard for us to tell who the winner is when you don’t show the finish line.

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