B-Rad (Luminasty) v/s Swan Gang (Justin Swanstrom) No Prep FINALS, Carolina N/T No Prep

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#streetoutlaws #noprepkings The big tire cars were battling it out for 20,000 payday on a very tricky no prep surface! Who you got? Who can get down and take home the cash? Two fast Nitrous cars battling it out in the finals! The turbo cars and blower cars were in the bleachers watching this one!

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  1. Dam bro I canโ€™t believe u let b rad whip up on u lol fuck b rad u guys keep on keeping on ur dads a bad ass mech1 he knows his shit my dad is a bad ass mech1 to an he tells me all of the time that heโ€™s forgot more that Iโ€™ll never know lol Iโ€™m glad that u saved the car as much ass I wanted to see u win u guys have a hot rod I canโ€™t wait to see u take out Ryan Martin

  2. Great race. Funny though just my two cents how come Megalodon and swan gang both pulled to the line and got out of the throttle half track in big races. Two season 4 npk cars. Just wondering…..

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