We are wrapping up Nicks chevy 2 and it’s finally looking like something!!! It will be leaving here and heading to the body shop to get it finished up before it hits the track.

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  1. There is gonna be a huge R/c No Prep drag race at Homestead speedway January 28-30th… y'all should come check it out..Will be about $25k to the winner!!

  2. Why would you bolt the fire wall in and not Tig it in it’s a structural part of the car it should be welded but you don’t want ppl to see that the sheet metal you claim is TI is just crap, crappy air shocks that aren’t for drag racing either there for a comfy ride on your commuter car you drive to work, you need a good strong hydraulic coil over shock like Koni Coil Overs for drag racing and I dunno why Justin bought a dragster rear end for pre-nup one of his biggest mistake on that car that and never fixing cylinder 7 he went all season on 7 cylinders, heads on his proline are the most warped heads I’ve ever seen in my life and I’ve seen a lot of sh!I when it comes to cars like Jaguar Xj6 straight six the head bolts go through the water jackets it’s a bitch getting the head off of one of those things we hung the car by the head for three days we were sitting in the shop having lunch watching Clifford on PBS and we hear a loud boom we look at each other and go well the head final came off that damn jag we had the front wheel 3 ft in the air lol for 3 days with all the weight hanging from the head it finally worked in the end though

  3. if your videos are a minute or 30 minutes they all are great and funny also keep up the great content and someday you might catch up to justins subscribers

  4. I talked with you at Orlando when Justin was firsting testing his car about my Nova so if I bring it for the open house you will put the kidney bar in an a new anti roll bar in. Lol. I would love to come an at the same time I can visit my mom in Williston so I'll have see how work goes at my shop. I guess I could talk with the wife an see if she is up for the ride. We live on the east cost Palm bay but its not that far we can't ride over an bring the Nova lol. I'm just kidding with you about the car but really would like to have to do the work when you get some of the builds finished an can fit us in. Stay safe guys an God bless. CJRC 👍💪

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