ARMY Trailer To CAMPER Gets a DIY Swing out tailgate! 🔥 – Overland Camper Ep 4

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This episode, I cut open the rear section of the trailer to turn it into a swing out tailgate! This is easily my favourite mod to the trailer so far; I think it turned out great!
The tailgate provides us with so much space for a custom kitchen and drawer set up. Now it is time to think of ways to make this happen – if you have any ideas, please share them below. As always thanks for watching and ill see you guys on the next episode!

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  1. Finally a YouTube not drowning in brand name tools gifted to them. Sick of those with walls filled with $1million worth of makita, dewalt or Milwaukee tools saying "you've got use these tools if you want to tackle this kind of project" when they've not dipped their hands in their pockets once.

  2. Absolutely loving watching this trailer get better and better, if your worried about the trailer tilting back may have to do stands like on the truck trailers, unless the weight of the draws should keep it stable

  3. Mate this thing is lookin beasty! Can't wait to see it behind the rig hauling the gears up the beach/trails on ya missions… you should rock a trailer cam on haul for a sic perspective… chur!

  4. love the content dude! dont know why I'm seeing this a day late! but she's coming along nicely! also any chance of getting bigger shirts for us fat people??

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