ANOTHER NEW Murder Nova – Street Race Talk Episode 308

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  1. The og car is procharger now. If you want Ryan martins video where is billy you can hear them watching a video of a car and they are talking about bogart wheels. Which what they run. I also have a picture of the front end

  2. the video was a SRC garage vid, Billys dad talking about Chief and Jackie being a good thing that they plan on small tire no prep racing and people needing to pick up thier game or get left behind.

  3. The word your looking for is "Credibility " Chief and Jacki would have brought a huge presence and Credibility to a street racing production.. Also the people crying are scared of Competition…. Fast guys wanna know who's fastest and wanna shot at taking down the kings…. If you can't handled these big time races of straight up Grudge style racing, then go back to bracket racing where you have a chance..

  4. You're wrong about street racing back of the track racing not having fans there's fans world wide of those races have you not seen the people at Dig or Die?

  5. Let's be honest, every year these cars are complete new cars. They change almost everything every year just to stay competitive. So if he keeps the same motor same trans same turbos new chassis I wouldn't consider it new. I get it though. Can't wait to see the car. The Nova really is the only reason I follow street outlaws. It's the car that got me watching it and I will continue to support 187. Great video sim as always

  6. Your wrong it’s the same car with upgrades just like everyone else does in their cars. It’s the same car, vin # and driver so nothing has changed. Now Varley has the same car and vin but different driver so he starts all over. Now what they are doing now is different it’s not list racing anymore it’s qualifying now. Now let’s talk about what happened to Lutz he crashed in the 57 and came back with the GTO to race and stay in qualifying. Back then there was a list but it’s not a list anymore it’s a round robin to see who would make it to be on Americas list. But in America list Brandon James crash and chief asked if had another to start again and didn’t. The Queen switched cars and started all over so that still stands. Nothing has changed for list racing

  7. The video they are referring to is one that SRC garage put out…..bill to be exact…..he did not mean any harm by what he said….it was the haters that made is so shitty

  8. If it's the same roof, A pillars and back half, its technically the same car. Probably a new frame underneath it. Varley was NOT right. When Shawn came with the new Murder Nova, he voluntarily went down to #10. It's not a new OG, it's an updated OG

  9. The car is the roof and quarters. The chassis is a modification to the car. While it IS a HUGE part of the car, it is still just a part of the car.

  10. Phantom drove to Boston Massachusetts to pick up that chassis what you’re showing in your video the front clip of that chassis is now on Shawns 55 get your facts straight before you post a video that chassis in the shop is not the murder nova or the OG murder nova chassis it was a chassis that phantom went and picked up in Boston Massachusetts Shawn bought it took the front clip off of it put it on the 55 no your facts

  11. It doesn't matter because I'm pretty sure shawn pulled his car off the list and the America's list from the last episode I'm pretty sure alot of those cars where heavily charged from this coming new season just for an example all the cars that wreaked I'm pretty sure that they didn't put those cars back to where they were most where heavily mortified to make them lighter and faster just my opinion

  12. They were referring to the SRC Garage video where Bill talked about them doing that very thing but I dont think he meant anything bad about it the peaple that started all the negative comments most likely dont even race.

  13. I think jackie braasch and chief shoukd go to the race anyways its not all the racers who feel that way i guarentee u and if they are to scared to race jackie in a brand new car then maybe they should rethink being racers cause thats some bs like robin roberts did to brandon james

  14. I dont see that varley got anytbing right lol murder nova did get to just start back on the list with a new car he has to race to get in lol wasnt on the top 10 list

  15. The OG needed a complete update, Shawn & Phantom would joke about how it was a death trap 😂 I’m sure they bout the body on a whole new chassis so they can be consistent. Speaking about Justin and Jackie, it was brought up on another channel, all he said was how great it would be for the promoter that’s putting on the race because of the following that they have were certainly being more fans, but you know the keyboard crybabies jumped all over it and said some very nasty things, so Jackie said screw it even though she had bought her entry!!!

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