540 Big Block Goes In the Nova! + Winter Upgrades

In todays video we have a little bit of everything, upgrades for the malibu, nova, and the falcon!

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  1. Glad to see you back home and getting right after it. Everyone needs to take some time out for themselves and recharge their batteries. Looked as though you enjoy ed your time with Chief & Jackie, and picked up a little knowledge along the way. All work and no play can burn you out in a hurry, just saying. I cant wait to see the Nova all finished up and tearing up the street/ track. Best of luck in your endever no matter what it is ! πŸ˜ŽπŸ‘πŸ’―

  2. Boys I keep saying it. If you want a transmission that will out perform a Rossler in every way you need to call Hutch! He will solve all of your transmission problems. Yes been at it for over 40 years. Blown alcohol cars were running his kit 35 years ago. There is no one better. He told me today he is mega busy. I had mentioned that I keep telling SRC to run a Hutchmatic. Billy when you get fed up enough with tranny problems refer back to this. Your a top guy , I'm sure Hutch would make time . There is no one better on the planet!!

  3. ThΓ© twin turbo +one supercharger + one ho toue kit nos is possibul is one motors mopar ho the sema show twin turbo et kit nos et supercharger = 3000 πŸŽπŸ‘Œis one πŸ’£πŸ€˜πŸ€  yeeee mais 3000 ch is the greap obligΓ© look muder nova is the 3600 ch mais no big raceur bieg chief haa yes is one verie good raceur no

  4. ey Billy have you seen the new hybrid engine ?? If not, you need to.. Details are this.. sbc bottom ls top.. Cid is 382. At 10:1 compression, Crower rotating assembly, LS pistons, Warhawk cylinder heads, Comp Cams bump stick, Victor Jr intake and Howell fuel injection system it makes 600+… It also has a Motown World block.. I'm almost willing to bet that thing is capable of a whole lot more… for more information go to. Motown engines

  5. IMPORTANT BILLY/TOMMY/BILL: Freeze this video at 17:23…See the nail in the left front Falcon tire in the tread straight out from Rob's ear! I will stop posting if you respond please.

    That would not be good, especially at speed.

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