CJ Race Cars
4767 Drane Field Rd
Lakeland, FL 33811
United States

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  1. Me being a sports compact person I really like these kind of builds and with the allsome work that you and your team do I know this is going to be a amazing build and with the quality parts that you said they have for this car it's going to be a great build.

  2. Love the content guys. You can really see CJ Race Cars starting to blow up in popularity. If I could make one suggestion if you guys are going to continue making these high quality videos, invest in a microphone so that we can hear you. Just a suggestion, keep up the awesome work!!

  3. Big up them Lakeland boys. We had a second car lot down there in the 70s and 80s. Lakeland has put food on the table. Just some good Ol Boys. I support what yโ€™all are doing. Alabama Stand Up

  4. Loved the video like to see more of the walk around so we can see the bars and welds how its put together. Don't get to see many in the build stage. Most people have no idea what goes into building a car they just see finished product. Keep up the great work.

  5. Gotta love a 2jz…..I'm a muscle man myself…but I DO love a 2jz….they really do push out some power, and the blocks are almost indestructible lol…. really love your content guys, you do so amazing work. I also like that you actually explain WHY you do what you do to each part on the cars. It's good man as not everyone is as clued up as some…..keep up the good work lads!

  6. You definitely need to come out with your own car and put all the top of the line parts that you make in house and all the top of the line parts from other people that you work with in order to get a complete car turn key out the door from your shop and put CJRC in big letters down the side of the car and run Pro Mod in PDRA,ADRL, Import Pro Mod,Pro Mod, World Cup, SCSN and PSCA, IHRA, NHRA and go to PRI to display all of your parts that you design and make in house and you can put Justin's car or car's in the booth on display and maybe your car that way you don't only tell people what they can get but you can show them what they are getting

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