28’s Gone Wild, Radial Prepped

Made it out to Thundervalley dragway to see if the car will go straight now. Only issue, this is radial prep and I’m on a slick. Lets see if we can make it work.

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  1. 2 quick questions, why are slicks back on a radial prep track? i don't know the difference in the track prep.. and does john use steel rods in his motor? haven't seen him have to refresh it at all. guessing slicks don't grab all that rubber on the track as well as a radial?

    P,S. thanks for showing the finals 🙂

  2. TJ, I am sure, you know this. You need another set of rear wheels. Slicks and radials mounted, ready to go. I know, they're a small fortune, though. Just, my humble opinion.

  3. Do you have dump valves? Can't you cycle it a little bit on the hit to soften the launch? Do radials have a big advantage on glue? I thought you were supposed to be able to slip slicks some. Try it without traction control?

  4. Hey John, would you explain to me why pro bracket radials will work better on a prepped track than slicks. I’m ignorant about this.
    Always a fan brother!

  5. John, you should try a comment or like contest to get more exposure. Have us comment for a prize, like a tee shirt or a flip coin, signed broken engine part, or poster. Or, set a goal for likes on a video tell what will happen in a future video if the goal is reached, like match racing someone. You post too good of content to only have 31k subs..Love the videos!!

  6. You gotta put a blow the heads off tune in it and that .003 of a second halves to be one of the closest if not the closest race Bryan's been and Ole Blood batg Shannon and s10 had a issue and BD ahead.

  7. Looks like there's 100ft for shut down. Don't know when the track was built, but I don't think they expected cars to run as fast as they are when it was built. That short of a shut down into an embankment, with a road on the other side…I'd toss the chute too, "EARLY" I thought Kingdon Drag Strip had a short shut down, at least if you miss at Kingdon, you can go into the corn field. If you miss at Thundervalley, the only place you can go is the Hospital… Great job with everything, Thanks…"May God Bless and keep everyone Safe"

  8. Man you, Brian and Shannon are flying. We are having to start from scratch on our motor. Not going to make the event we was wanting to.

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