$250,000 Come Up Race Day 2 – Where’s the money? 😳

Day 2 from Grand Hustle – Come Up $250,000 no prep race!


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  1. Tommy and Billy. I've only made it into the intro and decided that I need to wait till I'm at my tv to watch this. The quality, editing, music, everything is top notch. If I haven't been following you for years I would think a full fledged film crew was producing this. With Allison and Kenny helping y'all rival and beat any other shows I watch. If your not careful you'll have to give up racing and start your own production company. I mean the simple shot changes in the music is awesome. Y'all have outdone yourselves with the quality of videos and that is why so many watch your channel. Great job and keep it up.

  2. It sounds to me like there's a whole lot of shady garbage going on, it doesn't look good on them guys and the track….It was a $177,000 pay. It sure seems like they're holding your truck hostage Tommy

  3. Right after Tommy raced Turbo John, you went straight to the scene of them burning the right lane because of oil. We’re there more races after Tommy’s race, or was the oil there when Tommy ran?

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