2021 Street Outlaws No Prep Kings, Hebron, OH: Small Tire Saturday

2021 Street Outlaws No Prep Kings came to Hebron, OH for the first race of the year. We entered the Small Tire class. Ended up with 24 total cars running for a 7500 buck purse. Fun times, and great racing!

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  1. Still don't know how your not 260,000 subscribers instead of 26,000. Love that you always have both sides of the car to show how the suspension is working. The amount of content you shove into a 20 minute video is amazing (I hope everyone is paying attention as you offer so much information). You definitely get your monies worth spending time with you. You're a very generous man.

  2. Great job John showin them boys what's up from the 252 baby, you Old Neuse River Rat hope you made back to our home safe in Cakalacky!!!!!!!!!!!! New Bern in the House.

  3. cool 1st pass ya pulled frnt left alittle turbo john has made a big slash at npk 2021 hope ur at npk darlington in july got my tickets yestrday and man does ur motor sound great up high in the rpm shes a screamer tj

  4. I enjoyed your npk videos and was really hoping you were going to get the win. The car seems to be dialed in well. Hopefully next time.

  5. This man John is one hell of a racer you get better n better .. every time ….i see you race a lot of so called racers do the opposite…it gets worse for them 😁😂…but you your A bad ass racer….you know your shit that's key alot of others think they do but they don't..know shit and drop tons of cash in the best parts 🤣🤣😂…good shit bro ….💪💯🤟

  6. Love the videos you post.. I noticed it looked like the back glass was lifting on the go pro footage.. Better safe than sorry brother!!

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