2.4 Hours of LeMullets Official Practice (But First @Steve Morris Engines Needs To Look At Toast)

2.4 Hours of LeMullets at the Freedom Factory is almost here! First official practice lets all the drivers check out the track, which has a new kidney layout.
@Steve Morris Engines and I got to cut some laps in the ‘community cars’ – we can’t touch our Ford Crown Victoria until tomorrow. We dropped in at the @Cleetus McFarland workshop to help out with Toast (a supercharged Chevy Camaro built for burnouts), and then drove to the Freedom Factory.
Make sure to go to baldeagle.com for the Le Mullets live stream!


  1. NASCAR: but we have to modernize, nobody wants to see and ACTUAL stock car race, solid rear axle, realistic car….

    Youtuber who manages to pull in NASCAR drivers to come put on a race, and stage a pay per view event every few months out in BFE Florida: "hold my bald eagles"

  2. Mr. Steve Morris can you please help me put a Devel16 in my RCSB chevy. Lol. Would be absolutely thee badest truck in the world. Of course quad turbinskis. Your the man fo sho.

  3. If you can take an old fire jacket and soak it in the hottest water you can in a wraparound the NOS bottle as tight as you can get it !!! It well keep the PSi up and make more steam !!!

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