187 Customs Shop Updates During Our Off Week From NPK, Fireworks, Plus an Update on The 55!

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What’s going on around the shop during our off week from NPK!

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  1. That’s how it is here in Fairbanks, Alaska on NYE.. we have too much sunlight on the 4th, so everybody goes INSANE on NYE instead and its literally all day and all night every fricken where you go. It’s epic. This is awesome to see a similar vibe on the 4th of July in a place where y’all have enough darkness to do it

  2. Murder nova I’m the guy that asked about ur toes. But I wanted to say your car is on rails if you made that pass on the team attack during the main event there’s no way anyone else would beat u she’s ripping

  3. Sounds like yall in a war zone.. Im born and raised 405 4th is a big deal round hear.. Hay nova im steven and 33 been thru hell and bak. Save the hard story for when we (lmfao) meet but in 2019 my ol lady took my daughter(gut check story behind her birth) and havnt talked to me since. Iv been on a down hill roll ever since i jus need a lil help and motivation to get bak up.. This is where i need you or anyone whom reads this. I was hoping i could get a running and driving box van or truck with camper shell that i can make or use ffor work and live in or tow trailer with. Ill film everything from so you or whom every can have some content. Or i can trade work.. Like let me have whatnot than ill work on my days off for yall. I prolly can even make myself available to ur schedule if need be. Thanks for the read. As well as the yrs of laughs entertainment inspiration and advice.. Everyones telling me doin this is stuipd never will work and that ppl in the comment section is gonna rip me up but IV GOTTA TRY. love the channel and everythimg yall do. keep up the great work FELLAS..
    405 OKC FOR LIFE 405

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