10 UNITS TO FLORIDA BABY! X3 RZR RS1 time to rip!

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  1. Love the new wedges! For long trips, high speeds, and elevation changes I highly recommend drilling out new oil bath axle rubber fill cap center vents a little more to keep pressure from building and blowing out rear seal.. and running Lucas hub oil available at Love’s/Napa/pilot ect and buying socket and changing when oil gets pretty dark (not much oil in each hub) I do at every other oil change on truck. Just what I’ve found works after a couple seal/bearing issues initially SYOTBE

  2. Did you guys ever discuss the Doogal Red Bull sponsorship? I remember that after that one day all of a sudden Doug is wearing RB and drinking RB so what's the deal?

  3. Damn Nick Leonard, why you gotta call them the “dirt people”. Sounded rude af. Remember a few years back, you guys were in the same boat man. They trying to make a name for the self selves. It’s DIRTDUDES not dirt people man come on. Smh

  4. You guys need to use the mudflap fuel app. Those big truck stops have the most expensive inflated fuel prices.
    You can save a lot of money stopping at the proper places to fuel.

    Can't wait to see the footage this yr.

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