World's First Hellcat Redeye Swapped Dodge Viper – Part 1

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  1. Since you’re losing the v10 sound, maybe do a crossover header setup to make it sound like a flat-plane v8…😁

  2. Bro I've been thinking about this just cant afford it I just commented on someone page about the same thing and of course they said it'll b a downgrade…

  3. I like the idea of describing every car vs. a Miata. “Oh that civic? Yeah it’s just a more fuel efficient Miata with four doors”

  4. honestly love the project was waiting for a supercharged v8 project to happen glad to see it go into the viper

  5. I just don’t understand why you would swap an amazing capable of so much power V10 for a V8. Can’t agree with this one fellas!

  6. aer que wea quien fue el saco wea que se le ocurrio la brillante idea de cambiar un v10 que tiene uno de los mejores sonidos de todo el mundo por un v8 de 800hp… que xuxa.
    buen video sigan así.

  7. i can only assume they did this bc parts for the v10 would have been tough to get. the hellcat redeye is about 800lbs n quinn called the viper v10 heavy but it is about 625~650, n i believe the viper engine is Aluminum head n block. n the hellcat is iron block n aluminum head n does have a super charger on it as well so there is the extra weight. i thought some hellcat engines have an aluminum blocks but that was the lower HP variants.
    also i have heard that engine building n tuning is HIGHLY looked down on n if not illegal by California state legislators so buying a crate engine is the way to go for them. not to mention it was prob cheaper and way faster then sourcing Viper V10 parts
    still hurts tho

  8. You guys build so much things and it’s actually so cool to see them built maybe I can be a lucky person to get you guys to build a car my first car when I drive it would be so awesome you guys live in San Diego and so do i

  9. The most worst engine swap ever because that viper motor holds way more horsepower then the hellcat motor I don't know why y'all would do that y'all might as well rebuild the V10 and make it way more powerful than hellcats or anything else I mean shit u already calvio motorsports vipers is already spanking twin turbo exotics, corvettes and even plaids

  10. Being an srt-10 owner this hurts, would have loved to have seen a twin turbo or super charged build on the V10.

  11. I'm not hating i dig what you guys are doing but i would like to see a Hellephant engine go into something like the Viper if that is plausible.

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