Why Would These Rods Blow Up? I answer your comments.

I will answer some of your comments!


  1. Having watched the previous videos and the carnage, my guess would be that 1) there was some problem with the quality of the metal and 2) As for them breaking simultaneously, might you have hit a harmonic of the rod itself? Harmonics can wreak havoc, and send stress levels well beyond what is expected from the regular load.

  2. There is so much going on there it's amazing. You must have excellent concentration to keep track of whats going on. I would like to see a forced induction 101 series. I, like so many have never had a high hp blown combination. How about a breakdown of an 800 hp, 1200 hp and say 1600 hp combinations. The minimum requirements for each level, plus the difference between high power street and racing at each level. I took a swing at the recent MEGA MILLIONS, didn't connect, but if I do, I want to be informed before our first sit down meeting. Your tech video's are master class, keep it up.

  3. When I saw the thumbnail for this video, one of the "primary rules" came back to me…never ever run a cold aluminum rod. Idle/fast idle the engine to temp, shut down and let it heat soak a few minutes, then drive. Seems silly to some, but never lost any Al rods on more than a dozen engines. Oh, another primary rule…on a street engine, never ever run a mechanical roller without a rev kit.

  4. I would be very curious if the engine is creating a Frequency that is equal to the destruction of the aluminum rods ( I'm thinking of Nikola Tesla's Earthquake Machine and frequencies )
    Just Saying

  5. From what I gather this is obviously a common denominator issue. So I would suspect boost pressures being too much for the design con rod, metallurgy of the con rods, and simply just has been overstressed beyond its limit. Being a newer design, I would lean more towards metallurgy and the process of the con rods being made to be the failure moreso than anything.

  6. They all broke at the same time, at the same speed, at the same torque, at the same location. They were over stressed. Period (and yes, I am a degreed mechanical engineer). WHICH MEANS EITHER: 1) the section thickness is too small for the exposed torque, or 2) the material was not up to spec. It absolutely WAS NOT the rod bolts that failed (either from stress or lack of torque) because most if not all of them didn't even come loose. They were still holding the cap end to the rod end.

    One question I would have: were these rods shot peened? Not likely an issue because that only helps against fatigue failure, and that clearly is not what we have here. Also, are these forged rods, or billet?

  7. Steve, Great video in the way that you responded to the questions!! If you have never put engines together, then you have a hard time wondering why there could be so many problems to look for. Was a bottom end man for a top-fuel drag team and I have seen some carnage, but this one was a proper doozie. Thank you for the videos, awesome!!!!

  8. Looks to me that the heat treat was off ,those rods looked brittle, didn't bend at all just shattered like crystallized steel would!

  9. If all eight connecting failed at the same time, could it be too much horsepower or poor casting? Will you have future rods checked for poor/porous casting?

  10. Don’t you just love the keyboard mechanics. Keep building your engines your way. I Love learning how and why engines blow up! By the way I’m looking for some HP upgrades for my 2020 Silverado 2500hd with 6.6 gas any ideas for my engine I’ve done exhaust and air. Looking for some type of programming

  11. I to have been building engines for a very long time. My opinion is you had a fastner issue noting else would explain all 8 rods failing.

  12. Love the videos Steve! Love the content you put out. People are idiots for some of the things they “Wanted” the failure to be. I would like to see your channel focus on complete builds and the entire process of machine work, assembly and fire up/dyno would be awesome. The best way to figure out what the viewers want would be to try a bunch of things and stick to what gets the best views/comments/likes. Keep up the great content!

  13. Hi Steve, could it be possible that something happend in trans or rear dif to cause an instant shock to crankshaft that shattered all the rods?

  14. Really nice to see you go out of your way to point out that the con rod failure is not a failure of the vendor to acknowledge the material issue, and correct and improve their product.

  15. Seems like you weren't a fan of running a traditional timing chain, is this after a certain HP number or in general? I was hesitant to run an open belt on a street car ~1500WHP TIA!

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