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  1. Why are people or fans crying about chase is a race. If you are a real street racer and travel. For it. Different rules every place you go. And it's only fans crying because if you watched the damn show. They all took advantage of it. And as far as chief leaving. It wasn't over that rule. And ask him. He will tell you.

  2. I call it I jump cause I'm a chump! Some of the stupidest racing I've ever seen. I'm gonna just take off whenever I wanna and hope your ego is big enough for you to chase after me. Just dumb. Remove Memphis from television. Put them back on their own show and let them cheat everyone else.

  3. I respect Big Chief decision to not be apart of the show and I like his content However, y’all are crazy as hell if y’all think the street outlaw brand is going to die out any time soon. People are still tuning in waiting on new shows to drop. To be called the fastest in America or to be #1 in on the the list means you need to have different rules from everyone style of race. I don’t believe he left for chase is a race rule. He could have had his hold 405 team out there to race there way in just like Shawn did So that’s not the reason either. The man just wants to do his own deal

  4. that chase is a race is a way for slow guys to hustle u out of money. JJ is the king of that shit and hustling u out of your money. its not real street racing I want to watch to see who is faster. the og 405 show is so good bc they go off the light and u get to see who is truly the better racer!

  5. Anytime there's racing, there's gonna be complaining, if it wasn't chase is a race, people would be complaining about guessing the light, as proven in the no prep races. Biggest complaint i have is the amount of races per show. Hopefully this endgame show will be better about that. If a guy asked me to cool his car down before we raced on the street, id laugh at him

  6. With how many of the racers were offering up deals to leave heads up during America’s list, that should tell you that even they don’t like “chase is a race”. The best way to know who is the fastest or who can tune to the road better is leaving heads up. If JJ wants to have chase is a race for his shows, fine. But let’s not have it be across all Street Outlaw programs.

  7. I said this at the start of the whole chase is a race thing…it's bullshit. You cannot be "the fastest in America" if you win by jumping. It should just be called "the list". JJ brought this crap to Street Outlaws- he is a hustler and for him and the MSO, it's all about the game . I think if the tires crack before the light,you lose, it's that simple.But let's face it, JJ the clown brings viewers and drama, that's why Discovery keeps him around- everything revolves around money. I've always respected Chief,after seeing him explain things himself,, my respect for him has only grown.

  8. But how will the MSO compete? They’ve (MSO, NOLA, Detroit, Texas, AxeMan have all tried to change rules……because of Chief….they wanted to separate themselves from “his” rules since Season 1 of America’s list. Big Chief is the OG Race Master Supreme and they hated that and they’ve wanted to erase him from Street Outlaws when they should all be kissing his ass. Season 1 Axeman wouldn’t race Chief because he knew it was his ass if he did. Season 2 Bobby DuJumpy crying, whining about taking callouts at the #1 and they voted unanimously to change the “straight up 405 bullshit”. They effectively erased Big Chief but the 405 still prevailed because they are the best.

  9. Is the franchise "Street Outlaws" or is it "Chief Outlaws"?
    Dude left the show and probably isn't ever coming back. Good for him. It jumped the shark a long time ago

  10. Chase is a race is a joke the only reason they do it is cuz Memphis can't win straight up and I think they could some of them but JJ wants to take care of his peeps

  11. No offense but 1 you definitely are team chief and that’s okay because we all love chief. But you hear a lot of things out there whether his own people are jealous or whatever it is. It can’t always be that it’s everyone against chief. Even Shawn had little to say. But i definitely agree that chase is a race is trash.

  12. If chief wanne cry about chase is a race he beter stop himself than he likes to leave early to not many times but he even said him himself he likes to cut a light and chase is a race bc it’s street race if you don’t like it go watch npk ppl need to shut up about it

  13. Who cares about 405 they always makes list bc they cry if they lose and if they that stupid to not come with more is there problem not mso of somting go wrong while racing every person of mso starts helping even the ones who didn’t make it if it’s another team I wanne know if they do te same mso is a real familiy and stand up racers you beter got your mind right if you race them bc they whoop you before you know

  14. JJ and the cons were worried they may find out who is actually the fastest. Nobody wants to see chase is a race. Flashlight start no chase is a race.

  15. For gods sake…. if it was anyone's business then people would know im sure. If chief isnt talking about what you want to hear then maybe there's no there there.

  16. Chase is a race is just stupid.
    JJ gained a hair of respect back from me, although he constantly puts himself and his family in bad/dangerous situations, and someone will get killed. I think I'm over the whole show thing, as I like only a couple of the guys, the rest want to act like Reaper, Axeman and all the other loud mouths. I don't care if you have the fastest car at X time if your a jackass
    Chief, I just watch you in YouTube now.

  17. Honestly the part that bothers me the most (other then not having Chief on the show anymore ) is no other racer has sad shit about it Or seems to have his back, I’m still bummed on the whole Chief and Shawn split and Shawn still hadn’t said anything… Guess it’s always about the fame and fortune
    Haven’t watched the show since Chief left 🤷🏼‍♂️

  18. If jj and his whole crew left because it wasn’t chase is a race I wouldnt be sad or care to be honest because the yelling and the shit he say’s is just getting old and there are sooooo many fast, good and consistent racers out there that would replace him and his crew of people. Also they need to bring people in who are trying out for the list who could do really well and knock the bottom people off who haven’t got their cars sorted. That’s my opinion on it.

  19. When they added the five to the list to make it America's top 25 list they had all those other cars that had to race their way in. Now I can say it wasn't fair that shawn got to race his way in when I believe he didn't even win one race when the 405 had the America list races. JJ brought a good bit of his crew to the race your way in so it should of been like that for everyone else. But for Shawn to have been there over other drivers who did have wins was wrong in itself. At least that's how I feel.

  20. I believe Chief agreed with alot of fans & wanted the chase rule gone on this LIST & I'm certain he lobbied for more 405ers like Dominator. Problem or reality is JJ has been a really big force keeping the street part of street Outlaws going since 405 drifted their focus to NPK. Let's face it JJ has big following..his shows have RACES not a bunch of pranks or gimmick time fillers…and Discovery isn't going to let him look like a bad guy.. Lots of peeps are clowning on Chief but I'm curious to see if other than Ryan…will the 405 reach their former level…cuz it does seem like they overall have fell behind the good teams like NOLA & MSO a bit. If you DON'T think JJ has that kinda pull…just look at the next program….they're going small tire. Luv your show young Man…keep up the good work on here & in school.

  21. Chase is a race is the worst part of America's List. MSO can't compete without it. They ended up exactly where they belong on the list with most of them not even making the show 🤣

  22. SIM even chief is saying emuff talking bout him. Love ur show bro but need to move on to diff topics. Chief is a class act saying all that polite to you instead of bn a dick. If u gonna bring chief up maybe just say check out his videos and talk bout them once n awhile. Keep up the good work bro

  23. I can’t understand why Chief would be upset about how many cars the other cities get to bring. The Chief and the other 405 drivers were paid $$$ to film their show to find out which 5 of their cars were going to America’s list. That was the reason for that show. Just a waste of time to interview Chief about what happened if you don’t interview Precious. I have a feeling that what happened between them is the reason Chief took his ball and went home. I wish they would shake hands and fix their issues, having Chief participate does make the shows more entertaining.

  24. Just watch the first episode of season 1 of America’s List where all the drivers are going over the rules and Chief clearly says “I have no problems with chase is a race”. It’s crazy for you to be trying to push this as the issue he left, go and rewatch the episode where they go over the rules in the first season. Chief actually comes across of being a supporter of chase is a race when they are establishing the rules.

  25. Sim, if you really want to get the real answer as to why Big Chief left, why don't you interview Sam Korkis. It would be your biggest video yet.

  26. Kye Kelly is the only driver shown on video who was clearly against “chase is a race” in season 1 of America’s List when they were establishing the rules at the 1st drivers meeting.

  27. Justin:
    Much love and respect for you, what you do, and how you stand up for what's fair.
    Years ago, my people were street racing in Indianapolis. I-70 wasn't open yet, and we were giving Bob Glidden all he could handle.
    Before he went pro full-time.
    Let's you know how long ago this was.
    The Indy scene was awesome back then, up thru the early '80s.
    Know in my heart you and Jackie have so much ahead of you.

  28. hate the stupid ass chase is a race bullshit! and by "a lot of people got upset" you mean JJ and the Memphis crew…

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