Where’s all my 3rd shifters?


  1. I'd just bolt a 9 in. I know it's clean but It was only a 6 so it's not like your hurting the value. It might be time for a cage soon little car going faster 😬

  2. So I'm just getting caught up on all the action from both channels and i dont want to start any arguments but what happened to Molly? I thought Billy and her patched things up. What did I miss?

  3. Wonder if the old man’s nova will be a winter project when he gets the new building up and thank you for letting us all see how the life of a street racing family is and billy has really grown in to a wonderful driver and turner for sure and has change in so many ways you can just tell it in the videos and everything

  4. Missed this live feed. I work 3rd shift and i missed it cause i had the day off lol. 90+ degrees In SE Iowa and 200% humidity lol.

  5. it is 6pm and the temp is down to 95 and the humidity is at 70% so it fells like 108 so come on down to Tyler TX and cool off !! don't wait till July and August it gets hot then !!!!

  6. When it comes to your videos,I will take what I can get,and be thankful for it….better than anything on TV these days….best wishes from Minnesota…

  7. there is stuff out there better than a dana if you know where to look. 9 1/4 ring, wide variety of gears 31 spline 120 bux at the yard. 20mins to pull because it 4link with pan hard bar.

  8. Hey Bill, I know you said you guys weren’t really looking for another S-10 project. The guy I work for has a black S-10 with no AC lol. I believe it’s a 82 or 83. He’s had it about 7 years maybe. This thing just has sat in the shop all this time. Never been on a track or even on the street since he’s had it. He’s retiring and he’s bought different cars and trucks over time and it’s basically things he’s acquired to add to his retirement funds. I’m not a race car expert by no means. But I would say it’s like a pro street style truck. But it is a long bed. 383 sbc, powerglide,inside tricked out with switches and gauges,rollcage. It’s a clean truck and looks to me like someone poured a lot of money into it. I think it could be bought for a pretty fair price. It’s located in Ohio right off 70 in the brookeville, phillipsburg area. I just think it would be cool to see it on someone’s YouTube channel giving it the life it deserves instead of sitting in a shop hidden away. Or maybe it has a lot of parts Billy could use on his truck. It’s all there and has never been advertised anywhere. Sorry for the long comment. I guess if anyone is interested in more details shoot me a reply on here. Good luck this weekend.

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