What’s The Future for The Murder Novas?

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  1. Send it to RJ Race Cars and let Rick run through it. If anyone can do it, it’s Rick. He definitely needs to change something up. I’m a huge Killa Camara fan too.

  2. Honestly the OG new chassis built by DMC is the best of the best. The New Nova was built by Don Dial and it is not consistent or competitive on NPK. I would be curious on what he is going to do for his engine package.

  3. Hey sim I definitely think shawn will bring the new og to npk since the npk car isn't cutting the mustard and he Should look into getting a tunner that's in my opinion where he needs help no disrespect to shawn but chief was the mad scientist on their cars as always keep up the awesome work sim let's go ttve 💪 💯

  4. it doesn't matter which car he runs. he's not making it past the second round without a professional crew.. his pride is the only reason he's not winning races now.

  5. new car is 4 yrs old already and getting a bit dated now one would think, og has only just been rebuilt recently so kinda makes sense to go with the og and the newer updates imo.

  6. the OG was built by a race car builder. The new car is 5 years old and was changed to run NPK. Yes he bought Ryan's old style hemi and procharger. now ran said they didn't buy it just "using it". the OG is a better car lighter and could be faster. I think they have upped their program alot but from last year but so has everyone else. look who he has drawn first round since he either draws Ryan or Kye most of the time and those programs are no joke. Shawn and Phantom are doing well being the only two working and setting up the car at the races. But I'm sure some will say chief made Shawn number one or Shawn can't do it without Chief. Well with the programs that are running NPK now it is and would be tough to break into that top 15. Shawn will have the combo figured out. You may see the OG at Outlaw Armageddon.

  7. Whatever happens with the car choice, I hope he figures it out. Shawn is by far my favorite in street outlaws as a whole, and it's so hard for me to see how much he's been struggling with the OG. Hope he comes back to the status when he was feared by everyone.

  8. I may be wrong but believe it's Ryan's "old" hemi set up….Red Fireball winning set up hemi…not his current brand new for this NPK season procharged hemi?

  9. The OG Nova, got Ryan's old No Prep engine and procharger set up, from what I had heard.
    Ryan had said he was totally building a new No Prep set up for this year and was going to sell the old. And during the 405 list, Murder Nova wasn't competitive with the rest and between the 405 list show and America's list he changed the set up.
    Ryan was having the same problems with that engine and procharger's. And that was one the reason's Ryan changed to whole new set up.
    Dave, Ryan and Murder Nova are all running basically the same engine and procharger's.

  10. For me all the other shows r getn boring. I still watch but americas list i fast forward to good races. Really believe all the shows are on there way down imop

  11. Keep in mind that the new car is 7 years old. The way things have gone in the last few years it is like a year old computer. It probably needs a serious chassis rework at this point. The OG car OTOH has the best of the best and because it has zoomies it gets the down force you really need on these tracks. This down force is a big advantage over the turbo cars IMHO. All that being said I am sure Shawn knows what he is doing and win or lose I will root for him every week.

  12. The OG is a Billet 540 BBC and the chassis im assuming has the midplate pretty far back for street. Then again Lutz car has a 540 and his mid plate is behind the A Pillar so who knows. But that car didnt have a hemi.

  13. Sim the OG murder Nova is now a pro charged Big block Chevrolet and I really wish Shawn would switch over to the hemi engine with it and then he would be a badass in No Prep Kings because the Guy can drive the hell out of that car

  14. when they took the OG up to Massachusetts and had the new chassis put under it and then added the ProCharger big block combo to it, I said from that point forward that should be the car that goes to NPK and I was hoping he would do away with the turbo combination all together in both cars because that has done nothing but cost him money like crazy and they're always fighting those turbos and especially running a small block on top of it trying to keep up with these powerhouse hemi engines and other big engine combinations.. now if they were running quarter mile, that turbo combo would be a badass but they would probably put so many rules on it, that it wouldn't they competitive enough even racing that far

  15. This year on the list the OG just had a 540 Chevy with a pro charger no hemi was in the car when he was racing on the list before NPK was going on he was taking it to get work done to it that's when he got Ryan Martin engine was after the list was over

  16. 1. “New car “ is 4 years old
    2. Turbo cars need a 1/4 mile race because 330 to the finish is were they shine. It’s getting left at the line and he’s had to put crazy boost at the back half to catch up. They run 1/8 mile. Nitrous would but great but can’t use it.
    3. OG has everything new. That should be the NPK car. PROCHARGER new chassis light and very low. Needs IMO a new hood for more MPH like Kye new shocker and Chiefs crow the hump at the bottom of the windshield.
    4. needs a tuner and chassis guy to help. Phantom is cool and all but a good crew.
    5. Let’s be honest since him and Big Chief had there difference’s none of his novas have been the same and it sucks as a fan to see him struggling like that.

  17. I my self think chiefs one of the best tuners out there. Shawn should have him come to a couple races and teach him the right way to tune a fast car just my opinion.you should ask chief to stop by and put a tune in ol Betsy brother then take her out for a spin lol

  18. Sorry but just trying to figure out why they would try to put Shawn as the new Chief. I understand Americas List but it sounds like hes gonna be the spokes person for the new show too. Inthink its pretty sad for your "race master" to be someone who rarely wins. I get hes been there since the beginning but its been a few years since he has actually mattered in the racing. Hasnt won a race event in a long time. I get that Pilgrim is actually scripting it but damn.

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