What REALLY Happened To Russell J Holmes From Fast N' Loud!? The Answer WILL Surprise You…

Garage Rehab with Richard Rawlings Officially ENDED After This Happened:

Want MORE videos on Richard Rawlings:

In this video, we explain what the popular co-host of Discovery’s Garage Rehab and Fast N’ Loud star Russell J Holmes is doing after both shows were canceled. He was rumored to be Aaron Kaufman’s replacement after leaving the show to pursue other ventures without Rawlings. You WON’T believe what he is doing now in 2022!


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  1. Modern day Brutus. Keep him in construction along with the other guy. Was a great fan of Gas Monkey before this. Spent good money as a fan. Definitely pulled me away. Sorry to say Holmes. Good luck on your show(s).

  2. He's a wannabe Richard and Richard is a wannabe Dennis. Only one with an ounce of real success and style is Dennis. I don't care for the loudmouth bombastic but basically dead weight types.

  3. Miss your show FAST & LOUD so much with Richard & Aaron. Wish I could have visited the set to see how you made the show!

  4. I really liked Russell Holmes. Just because someone has ideas, get up and go, and will say what’s on their mind, doesn’t make them alpha anything. Hope to see more of Russell.

  5. Holmes is the reason I stopped watching Garage Rehab. He is a bigger, if that's possible, ahole than Richard is. I loved the old show, F&L with the old crew but when they left so did I. They made the show, not Richard

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