WHAT A WEEKEND!!! Virginia Motorsports Park PART 1

Virginia Motorsports Park NPK Race 2 4-22-22 Part 1 of 3 from this past weekends second race of the season.

Ryan Martin Fireball Camaro of Discovery Channels Street Outlaws, and Back to Back NPK Champion.

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  1. I love that he beats daddy Dave then Dave’s lining him up the very next clip. Dave’s a real good dude. Idk what they say about him. Great guy in my book! 💯👍🏼

  2. I was going to say dang…why not ride by the fans and say hi…but dang if you didnt 5 minutes later. Really cool. Enjoy every bit of it.

  3. I fucking love seeing these guys together, every guy in this last few minutes of the video are the true 405 family ….. with that said it’s just not complete without the big man ….. Big Chief !

  4. The return of the Creeper aka James “Reaper” Goad(nads) well the yelling, screaming, Bull Manure, and never ending excuses, in the NPK pits and show will certainly increase 10 fold over at least.

  5. Had me rolling when homeboy starting jumping around when Ryan was taking off from the starting line!! 🤣 Awesome Vid. Glad to see Reaper back in action

  6. Before i say this i just want you to know i love you guys and everything you do. The 405 kept me going after a really bad work accident. I was stuck in bed for a year. I’ve watched you guys since episode 1. I even bought all the dvds i could get my hands on. But i live in Scotland and I’m heavily involved in the racing scene here. We need an option for international shipping on merch. I’ve spent so much over the years on merch. I want some of the 405 guys new stuff but postage is more than a Tshirt. I wish there was a way for there to be a European stockist. If i had the money i would fund it myself. Take care and stay safe dude. Love from Scotland 🏴󠁧󠁢󠁳󠁣󠁴󠁿

  7. way to go Shawn spilling the beans haha. Great video Team Fireball, you and all of the 405 are some good people. Hopefully get to see you all in Tucson in September it’s the closest one to Cali

  8. I am really glad that Discovery is letting you guys do the YouTube thing it helps us keep up with the standings and quite frankly gets me more involved and excited about when you come to my town so I'm happy you guys are doing this thank you very much

  9. Pass on to criss and Dom can't wait to see them hit their stride. I know they don't have the y.t. presents but they are great inspiration. Like always a 740 love watching you all, including home state stinky pinky.

  10. I think attendance has climbed just like job market. Everyone has returned back to normal and are working or enjoying life. Now the big wigs say cofefe isn't over.

  11. Minding your business, perfecting your race program, helping others out by lending them thousands of dollars of parts to help them race and being confident makes you viewed as a dick….. Ryan's a solid dude and can talk that shit cause he can walk it

  12. Thank you for more awesome behind the scenes views into your lives, You are a great guy and it shows in every way. I hate you are having mechanical failures of late, I have always felt that is why you were so great you and Javi stay ahead of issues and you just don't break often.. but I know you guys will get it figured out and soon Best of luck and thanks again.

  13. We met him and his crew last year in Ennis Texas . Super nice guy we are die hard fans of the fireball team and street outlaws . Me and my wife been married for 37 years and we haven’t missed an episode yet . Every Monday night we are watching . Glad you are ok . Good luck on getting it fixed and back on the road again !!

  14. So glad Dominator is back! nothing on Street Outlaws broke my heart more than seeing his total his baby.

    Elco crashing also broke my heart but that's an entirely different story lol.

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