We’ve got company coming for NPK at Trails. And the Malibu is the RENTAL!

Since I’m loaning the Malibu to some good friends of ours from California, I gotta make sure it’s in tip top shape. You’re not gonna believe who’s going to be driving it the weekend of NO PREP KINGS!


  1. Just so we're all on the same page, after that "AMC Test Drive" with you and Mr Powers… that car has had essentially NO issues. And about to go under the knife for some exhaust upgrades of it's own. Very very cool of you to lend the Malibu to Tess and Tony, resurrecting the old Rent-A-Racer program are ya? 😉

  2. Having just come from trying to buy parts at a local JD you guys should buy Mark a steak dinner, you have know idea how much I wish we had guys here at our local part and implement store . God bless you all Happy Mothers day to Miss Vicki.

  3. Bill, I didn't realize how close you live to National Trail until yesterday. I was looking at the Kings of Columbus event on Trail's site and was happy to see Billy's truck in the ad. I lived in Columbus in 1972 when my dad built a development off Morse RD. Kind of wished would have stayed in Columbus.

  4. Man Mr Bill I can't wait to see you when your special visitors come down and me and the Malibu hood looks amazing it sucks that war in the woods was canceled out it even rained down here in Baltimore for a few days but hopefully you guys can get to go up there I don't know I thought hard to rescheduled for next weekend so hopefully I'll get to go and I can't wait to see the content when your visitors come down and I can't wait to see your channel get up to 100K way to go Mr Bill you deserve it and we love you man

  5. Wow that was a total shocker when you said Tess is coming to visit I can't wait to see the videos she is bad ass so are they AV boys

  6. Happy mothers day Miss Vickie and Miss Harley!. Loved the look on Harley's face when you jumped into it!. Mark hit the air conditioning out of the ballpark!. There are times I'll drive from Blue Rock to A1 to get parts rather than dealing with the young people asking what size tires I have when all I wanted was spark plugs!. Mark is so smart and you couldnt ask for nicer person and crew to deal with!. Great video Bill!.

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