WE WON vs Ryan Martin, Taking New SCREW BLOWER Combo And Going Rounds At Street Outlaw NO PREP KINGS

WE WON vs Ryan Martin, Taking New SCREW BLOWER Combo And Going Rounds At Street Outlaw NO PREP KINGS


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  1. I know you remember the haters that said. Justin will never make it!! Well just look at him now!!!! Figuring it out and going rounds…. Awesome man!!!!!!

  2. Can't believe that track doesn't have lights I guess they don't because of how cold it gets up there. Congratulations on the great 8 win over Ryan Martin and for him giving you time to fix the gear in the car.

  3. That was a different type of yell after you won. I felt the emotion in that. Keep working hard and winning races we are behind you every step of the way.

  4. Hard work , dedication , all the haters, y’all kept your heads up shoulders back and earned your way to the top and that win 💪 truly badass fellas! Ryan was no slouch that race

  5. How much nitrous you putting through the blower ? and Congrats on squeaking out a win against Ryan Martin that is quite an achievement for sure.

  6. Got some questions / comments I dont want to post.
    When you watch RM his shit leaves like a mother f. And his second gear is a bitch. Is it the taller tire or is he locking that thing up earlier? How can you guys improve that second gear? Is it those cryogenic gears?

  7. Like the legendary Ric Flair says to be the man you have to beat the man wooooooo good job to you and your crew Justin

  8. What I noticed about the new blower the car keeps pulling at the end because usually Ryan Martin fast at the top end. great job guys

  9. Great 👍 job 👏….. I like to see 👀 all of uses win like that a team… I had to laugh win big t asked ur dad that question and he mumbled a few words… I said pop's is crazy but smart at the same time much love to pop's…. tell him I got his back!!!!!!

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