We Bought 6 Totaled Mopeds for $18 at an Abandoned Car Auction, Will they Run & Ride Again?

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We hit the local abandoned car auction and saw that these six Chinese mopeds were starting at just $10. A few bids later, Ike brought home 6 abandoned mopeds for $18. In today’s episode, we try to get as many broken mopeds running again for as cheap as possible.
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  1. The bars on Ike's bike are stock. That's a retro styled scooter. I had one that was 50cc. The 150cc scooters are fast – 60mph+ bone stock.

    Both the 50cc and 150cc Chinese scooter motors are Honda GY6 clones. Parts are dirt cheap, and the motor are easy to work on.

  2. They might have been registered as motorcycles, in Virginia anything over 49cc / faster than 35mph with the proper equipment can be registered as a motorcycle. The catch is you have to have a motorcycle license to ride them.

  3. They need to stop building shit box and a buy a new sxs or motorcycle and build it they have money they are being very very stingy with it or reinvest that money into real estate Bring more money than building shit box shit

  4. Looks like some are 150cc ( just requires an M endorsement & plate like any other motorcycle but most ignore it) and some are 50cc which most states allow 50cc with a normal drivers license and no plate needed. unfair race since your using 150cc vs 50cc (from the outside you can't tell them apart so some get the 150cc and if a cop stops them claim it is 50cc – only a cop who is willing to check the engine would know)

  5. I have a clutch question, I love manual clutches and stuff like that but where can I find one for 3/4 shaft that's decently affordable because I'm trying to get into these and actually get one started but the price is already over 1600 and I don't wanna add too much to that.

  6. Those are ALL scooters. No mopeds. Motor + pedals = MoPed. No pedals, it's a scooter. Scooters most commonly come in 49cc, 150cc, and 250cc versions.

  7. the one thing I would try to do is find 2 of them with the same engine and try to make a dual engine trike just because I had them

  8. the bike that ike is on is the one i said you could have free in a fgew vids back is a 2012 dongfang by sunny however the one i have is complete and runs

  9. Sup guys been watching for a long time.Quick question, I just picked up a Tracker OX400 from cabelas (it's pretty much an off road golf cart).What quick ways can I wake the engine up a bit.She is just too slow , I'd like a little more power.Any suggestions?

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