We Are Figuring Out The New SCREW BLOWER Set Up & Going Rounds In NO PREP KINGS! (Big Grudge Race)

We Are Figuring Out The New SCREW BLOWER Set Up & Going Rounds In NO PREP KINGS! (Big Grudge Race)


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  1. Hey let me ask u a question and get your thought on it since no one really talks about it. DO u like the great 8 or did u prefer the team attack? I'm just wondering what the drivers think if u don't mind answering

  2. Great & super camera content 🥂🏁. Thank You for thinking about what your subscribers actually see & love to see & share 🥂❣️🏁❣️

  3. If you keep taking ODOM'S money like that, you'll have to send him a NICE CARD that says, "Dear John, thank you for PERSONALLY FINANCING my race program, BEST REGARDS, JUSTIN."!!!!

  4. Man there is NO QUIT in
    SWANGANG RACING I hate to see you lose that beautiful paint job you put on it this off season but damn
    BIG COUNTRY Got that car tuned son good luck the rest of this year and I'll see you guy's at NORWALK…..

  5. nice job S/G to the front 👶 you will get him. next time brother good luck love the channel less gooooo hell yeah😎🍺💪😎🍺

  6. Some npk cars are fast and some npk cars are consistent.
    Seems big country is sneaking up on a combo for a fast and consistent car 👍
    Keep cutting them lights,staying straight and know when to hang in and when to save her for another day.
    Respect to the whole team.

  7. Great weekend guy's! I can't believe how fast ole Kyle has caught on to the program. He's putting in some work my boy! Big Country as always is working his magic and word around camp is NOBODY wants to draw ole Pre-Nup! Great job guy's! #SwanGang baby let's go get this championship!💰💯🏆

  8. Your already changing the game with your screw blower setup I'm sure there are lots of plusses to the setup that you are making work and have to play it close to the vest but it would be nice to know the general advantage that you are making work don't tell Ryan what your doing!!!!!!!!!!!!

  9. The time, money and effort Swan Crew has logged so far this season overcoming the "3 Big challenges" alone is enough to set most MAJOR teams back in a big way……..

    Yet somehow, the filming, interviews, editing and final quality of the videos have leveled up in a BIG way over the past month or so!!!

    This team never quits…….. Much respect

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