Wayne Smozanek No Prep Racer Memories!

In this video we are remembering Wayne Smozanek who drives the blown probe known as tropical thunder. The tropical thunder car is one powerful beast no doubt. The driver Wayne Smozanek had a tragic passing recently with health complications. Wayne Smozanek was one of the guys that was always friendly and enjoyed racing above all. We arrived at the armageddon outlaw race in 2019 in noble, oklahoma. First person we saw was wayne. So after chit chatting awhile we decided to do an on camera interview. Wayne is a soft spoken guy and doesnt really like to get on camera much. But, he was feeling good that weekend and we had a nice no prep chat before he started racing. It would turn out to be one of his best performances in no prep that has had reaching the finals after beating a fast kye kelley. So we want to remember wayne in one of his happiest moments in racing in no prep which was this great event. Check out the video for one last ride with Wayne.
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  1. even though i never know them personally it always makes me sad when i hear of someone especially someone who is doing something or has done something amazing with their lives passes away, but i had watched him in the shows.

  2. Seeing videos about this all over YouTube and people who probably don't know anything about street outlaws or the racing scene making videos for views is disgusting and should be shut down. Was very careful about which channel was worth my view. RIP Wayne another nice guy gone too soon. Prayers are with the family and friends during this time of mourning, great tribute, gave me goosebumps 🙏💙❤️💖

  3. They say "the good die young." Wayne was the best. The kindest guy at the track. Really helped bring South Florida on the Map. God Bless Wayne. A true Hero, Gentleman, and inspiration to so many.

  4. You feel like you know these guys after watching them race for so long. He was a really nice guy and never had a bad word to say about anybody. So sad. My thoughts and prayers are with Wendy and his family. Rest easy Wayne. You will be missed. 🙏😥

  5. Wayne reminds me of my dad with the way he carries himself. He was definitely one of the nicest races in NPK, down to earth and never talked shit about anyone. I was really looking forward to see how u did this upcoming year. RIP Wayne and my condolences to the entire family

  6. Still shocked to learn of Wayne Smozanek's passing due to COVID. One of the good guys of racing and my condolences to Wayne's family, friends and racing fans, RIP

  7. They should have a cash days tribute to wayne.i always liked how he showed up to truly race an see who's the fastest no fighting good old run what you brung.all the way from Boston ma fly high.

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