I was surprised what the car weights but I was even more surprised to find out what was causing a MAJOR drivability/tuning issue seemingly OVERNIGHT. Plugs looked TERRIBLY RICH… but were they? You’ll want to watch this video.


  1. I wonder what the number is on the bad gasket. Interface makes the material and also sells the material to gasket stampers. Nitrile is used as the binder for the n-8094. A year or so ago there was a major shortage of nitrile. I wonder if the major shortages of nitrile caused someone to start stamping out a different material that wasnt meant for that application. Interface publishes the data sheets online so easily comparable if you know the number of the gasket material.

  2. Using shielded wire for the control can also help. Filter the power for the control unit . The shield of the source ( plug wire ) is a fine first step .

  3. Hard tobelieve it weighs that much but ya yours is totally complete! Buddy had one we cut anything that didnt make it go fast, sad thing was this was back when as he said in 94 when there werent progressives etc lol and this car was sweet when we started. Ended w a hollowed out hull that won 90 percent of its street races! Miss those good days! Oh and lot of those races were on the same one in the forest/swamp where billy and tommy went to race in florida! Marty was there then too!

  4. Wow,first time I've ever seen anything like that carb. gasket…It pays to become vigilant and note every single change to your cars AS YOU MAKE THEM! Bill was fortunate in this case and solved his problem,I wonder how many other people are having the same issue and not having a clue…Remember: note every little change kids!

  5. PERSEVERANCE! That is the key to figuring out and fixing issues. With these cars you can count on always running into some kind of issue that will require you to work through some kind of diagnostic approach. Eventually you will develop a method that works for you, but at the end of the day no matter what approach you take, you must stick with it.. work hard.. be diligent & in the end you will find yourself back at the track & doing what we all love most 🤘🏼

  6. HA , this is why you NEVER stray from what you know works over time…. Yeah I know things advance but things go to shit just as much if not more… This is why old guys like me get stuck on stupid and wont switch the items they use… Time is more valuable than any of these parts and I dont have that much to be chasing issues ive made by breaking my own rules….
    You being a GM guy tho , you are used to some mechanical failure I imagine…. 😎

  7. Seems kind of funny to me but I always thought that you needed to use a little bit thicker gasket and only one of those between the intake and the carburetor and between the spacer plate and the intake because when you tighten that down something sounds like that will give and you need to retighten your bolts I mean I'm not a carburetor tuner or anything but that's the way I remember things to be

  8. WOW that is crazy about the gasket, cant say I have seen anything like this. Good find , sometimes you have to go back to basic troubleshooting to find the issue. Thought for a minute you was gonna say there was an ignition issue that was causing the issue on the Malibu.

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